July 25, 2015 – Mayan “Day Out of Time!” ~ VENUS STATIONARY RETROGRADE ~ 40 day Sun-Venus Purification begins

sunset-cave mysticalHappy Mayan “Day Out of Time!” This marks a new Mayan New Year and the end of the old one!

Venus stations today–adding emphasis to this changing of years in the Mayan Calendar.

Every time a planet stations–there is a “mystery,” or a key that is turned. We enter into a journey of learning related to our own loving and our own creativity–Venus’ areas.

Venus is in the final transition between the old 18 month Venus cycle, and the New one. The new one begins at the next SUN VENUS CONJUNCTION in Leo, on August 15, 2015. venus-earth(Venus and the Earth) sister planets

The Venus cycle we are ending has was born with a Capricorn SUN/VENUS CONJUNCTION January 11th, 2014. The past 18 months between then and the upcoming SUN/VENUS conj. 8/15 has been a Venus cycle overlighted by the energy of Capricorn. Since Capricorn has PLUTO in it, we’ve been through a deep shadow clearing and re-forming of “how we do Venus,” in our physical world.

Now, as VENUS ends this death/rebirth and Saturn-ruled cycle of 18 months, we enter a Solar, lighted Venus cycle of 18 months of her next, Leo cycle. These 18 month cycles are powerful cycles of natural feminine birth and emergence, each cycle in a new and different way, related to where the SUN/VENUS conjunction happens that initiates the new cycle.


This one, in bright solar Leo, brings in a new cycle of VENUS that is lighter and star-clusters-brighter than the one before, a cycle that flourishes creatively on the foundation that was built during the Venus cycle in Capricorn. Building new foundations, (on top of the cleared out old one)–is what we just completed. Now, Leo venus can benefit from the new foundation, and its time to play, shine and allow the light of our solar natures to share our gifts with each other and the world.

There is a 40 day purification, release, and re-alignment of our inner feminine energy. It is the season to purify and re-evaluate, witness, question and upgrade the flow and essence of our love, affection and pleasure–how we give and receive these things in relationship and how we can upgrade to the next level of fulfillment for ourselves and our loved ones.

What is deeply true and what are we carrying in this area that is false and needs to be released? Relationship issues that arise are purifying us, inviting us to “release the past” and invoke a reborn Venus energy into our lives for a fresh NEW VENUS CYCLE BEGINNING August 15th.

While we are in the 40 day purification, and prior to Venus’ conjunction, there is a mythic reference to Venus’ descent into the underworld to meet Pluto–in this case, departing Pluto’s sign of Capricorn, she meets him “one last time for this cycle,” in the underworld to make and change agreements that may have been made unconsciously. It is a deep time to reprogram around love and money, success vs. failure and the deep life-giving value of the authentic soulful stories of our heart. Along the way to this meeting, the myth goes that she sheds every bit of old clothing and jewelery and purifies and re-aligns all emotional and love attachments!

MARS SQUARE URANUS accompanied Venus’ Station Today, adding drama and shock potential. There is radical break-through energy in the air as this square will be present for a few days. Beware our over-zealous human tendency of late–to utilize “separation as a solution,” versus invention. Invention and collaboration to solve problems is a higher path than isolation or separation. This Square asks us for radical breakthrough! (and it has a seed-planting/magical new beginning energy)–in a highest expression!

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Note from author: this written at the end of July 25, as a blog on the VENUS CYCLE ~ honoring the Venus Retrograde and 40 day cleanse coming. (I had a “day out of time” in my transition from travel back to home!)

May your 40 day venus cleanse be so healing and re-aligning, refreshing and renewing for your love life!

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Astrology-School beginning soon–thank you to all of you who have sent me messages! I’m looking so forward to a whole new way of gathering in the starlight energy, learning together! For more information, send your e-address to azlanwhite@gmail.com / readings are up again, now that I’m home again! E-mail me with your question and birth time/date and good time to do the session!

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May your soul’s purpose and mission be clear. May the light of the new venus cycle draw you through this purification phase!