July 24, 2015 – Collective to Personal and Return Conversation – Deep Feminine Inner Work

There is a lot going on right now. (too much to really go into in one daily blog)–So, I’ll stay focused on today’s aspects.

MOON blue-crystalin Scorpio TRINE NEPTUNE in Pisces is a sweet conversation between the Divine and us people. (well at least the Pisces part of it is sweet–the Scorpio part can be as dark and grungy as you want it). The Divine (or the River of Life-itself) is flowing in a direction that may feel personally good to us. There is harmony between the large picture, woven by larger forces, and our small picture, woven by each of us, in our intent, desires and manifestations personally. The spiritual realms, our angels and ancestors, guides and companions, want to support us on earth. Are we able to feel and receive that support?

With NEPTUNE support, We can allow grace and “go with the flow,” enjoying the life raft we are on. Enjoying the ride, our eyes and bodies are great window seats to earth!  Oh and it appears we can “transmit” energy here also! We are like little human radio stations of energy. What will we transmit into our world?

MOON TRINE PLUTO tonight: (10:23 pm pdt/ 11:23 pm mdt/ 12:23 am cdt/ 1:23 am edt) offers personal power to each of us. PLUTO–our wrecking ball of things inauthentic–is our friend today. We are only wrecking the dead cells and old stuff that needed detoxing and releasing. This is a good day for a physical massage, massaging all the old skin cells away. Parts of our “old skin” are shedding today. It feels good when “old skin” comes off. May you peel yours off like a rainbow snake, revealing fresh new rainbow layers.

VENUS is still in her special deep place, going deeper. Her personal shifting might be quiet however deep changes are taking place in her. She is slowing down even more all day, as she will station late tonight (at 2:25 am pdt/pre-dawn tomorrow morning). She is in early Virgo, about to RETROGRADE back into Leo.  This is a poignant time for the inner feminine (in all of us).

MARS will SQUARE URANUS also happen pre-dawn tomorrow morning (2:42 am pdt)–this is a kind of action-breakthrough energy. So it could be a late night ruckus-night for some-of-us!  Don’t get angry, get busy–start a revolution–stay up all night and design it! Tonight is a night like that. MOON is waxing, VENUS is stopped for re-setting and a whole new way of approaching the world. What will your new way be? 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We are collecting a wonderful group of students for the upcoming Astrology School! Its going to be so great–I can see I’ll learn so much along with all of you! I’m building the structure for you. The learning is done through magic and observation together. We will be observing the cycles of the planets in all of our lives, sharing our real experiential stories related to these cycles!

I love all of you who are contacting me. I am collecting all of your e-mail addresses and will send an official invitation after I return home! (I’m still out of town on trip in Philadelphia–receiving support for the school!)

If you would like to receive an official invitation to join the school, or to receive a reading and a dose of clarity in your life–e-mail azlanwhite@gmail.com

All the best blessings to you!