July 23, 2015 – Big Light Coming In! – Solar re-setting VOID – Ready to Expand to Contain it?

solar-flare-purpleMOON OPPOSITE URANUS (12:02 am pdt/ 1:02 am mdt/ 2:02 am cdt/ 3:02 am edt) before we wake this morning is a radical wild telepathic eruption. Our dreams may have been interesting!

MERCURY enters Leo this morning (5:15 am pdt/ 6:15 am mdt/ 7:15 pm cdt/ 8:15 pm edt)–enlivening our mind with SOLAR ENERGY, right at the beginning of Leo–the SUN’s home sign.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER (at 11:12 am, pdt/ 12:12 pm mdt/ 1:12 pm cdt/ 2:12 pm edt)–sending the MOON into the VOID (between Libra and Scorpio) for the rest of the day. A MOON VOID is a kind of slippery strange magic portal where life does not function in a “straightforward way,” but feels more transitional and in-between the worlds. It is during these “between worlds times,” when messages and incoming energies can arrive from locations outside of our rational time-space continuum. Today’s portal, being focused in Jupiterian energy, is expansive, brilliant, and generous. We are lucky, beautiful and in fun with our co-people. May we enjoy this magic portal today!

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY (at 12:24 pm pdt/ 1:24 pm mdt/ 2:24 pm cdt/ 3:24 pm edt) brings about a SOLAR POWER and RE-SET that is so bright we may be mentally “blinded!” Mentally blinded, means something becomes so “bright” it overwhelms the previous “frequency” of mind we were maintaining, to go “higher,” lighter, wider and brighter.  We are star-light and star-lit. May we be star light in form.  

MOON SQUARE SUN – [9:04 pm pdt/ 10:04 pm mdt/ 11:04 pm cdt/ 12:04 am edt] (First Quarter Lunar Square)–marking our transition from the “dark” waxing quarter of the cycle (one week) to the “light” waxing quarter, heading toward FULL MOON in seven days. As we “cross over,” from the “insecure-side” to the bright “up-beat side” of the cycle–we can be grateful for the emotional light that comes with this upcoming half of the cycle. It can feel oh so refreshing, the lunar waxing light, especially tomorrow–after the square.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY – [10:05 pm pdt/ 11:05 pm mdt/ 12:05 am cdt/ 1:05 am edt] invites a leap, step or jump to expand the “lines” marking our “comfort zone.” We are asked by the cosmos and life to STRETCH our own belief limitations. There is so much incoming light today, with the SUN-MERCURY CONJUNCTION that the lunar SQUARE to this conjunction is a sign that we are asked to grow into a new skin. A skin that is riper, warmer and more “of the sun.” We are solar beings in our nature–filled with light! May we be light, even in tension, confusion, or overwhelm. Mental fatigue is based on our mind’s inability to “let go,” of limited concepts and ideas for a “larger divine capacity to syncronize with all of life.”

Today: May we accept an expanded Divine-Mind into our small individual-thinking-self.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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