July 22, 2015 – Big Birth Square – New Self-Leadership Required!

artmatic-115085_640MOON in Libra, Cardinal air, SQUARES PLUTO – cardinal earth initiation place–(at 10:36 am, pdt/ 11:36 am mdt/ 12:36 pm cdt/ 1:36 pm edt). We are re-forming our leadership from within. All challenges invite us to shift the way we “lead ourselves,” through life.

MERCURY TRINE SATURN (at 10:51 am, pdt/ 11:51 am mdt/ 12:51 pm cdt/ 1:51 pm edt). Is a geometric harmony between form and mind. We are building a new global mind. We have a roll in the new Global Mind emerging. What is new in our collective mindset? Its changing fast–especially today! SATURN is in Scorpio–PLUTO’s sign. Meanwhile PLUTO is in SATURN’s sign. We have the ability to magnetize bits of lost self as our Soul is becoming more WHOLE! May we enjoy the gifts of form that come to us, in spite of discomfort in the SQUARE and the need to STRETCH our leadership and solo-knowing and confident-living capacity!

SUN enters Leo, in the evening (at 8:31 pm pdt/ 9:31 pm mdt/ 10:31 pm cdt/ 11:31 pm edt) and we up the light quotient – we have more elemental fire for the next month! Creativity, playfulness and laughter is at our finger and tongue tips!

MOON SQUARE MARS tonight can bring up angers or frustrations. May we dive deep within for solutions, rather than externalizing our experience. (9:04 pm pdt/ 10:04 pm mdt/ 11:04 pm cdt/ 12:04 am edt) activates us into better solutions for our own actions. The SQUARES of MARS and PLUTO are reminding us that this cycle is about claiming our power and re-scripting our leadership roles. How do we lead ourselves? This way is changing! May we change our way of guiding ourselves, according to upgraded joy-magnetized!

. . . . . . . . . . .

This is a very exciting time! It is a great time to receive a personal reading–because there is just so much change! It is also a great time to become an Astrologer! Write to me if any of this change is inspiring you into newness! AzlanWhite@gmail.com – lets lift your life together!