July 21, 2015 – Happy Working Day

decoration-772503_1280This morning, MOON SEXTILE SUN (at 3:00 am pdt/ 4am mdt/ 5am cdt/ 6am edt) sets this strange and wonderful day at ease between the sexes. Whatever we do, masculine and feminine are working together. What a marvel this harmony between the sexes can be!

MOON TRINE SATURN (just after) same pre-dawn magic hour: (3:06 am pdt/ 4:06 am mdt/ 5:06 pm cdt/ 6:06 pm edt) – This grounded work-supportive aspect sends MOON into the VOID, for a lil while between Virgo and Libra. We may feel an elemental shift from Earth to air today! Today is a fertile place of potential new work partnerships, and the incoming portal of new alignments with partners, or renewals of partnerships already in existence!

Creative Solar SUN TRINE SATURN (exact also in the early morning: (4:07 am pdt/ 5:07 mdt / 6:07 cdt/ 7:07 edt)  – gives us the power and linking of Structure with Creative Solar life force that uplifts!  This portal is bringing in supportive work-light! May it give your life’s work flight.

MOON enters Libra– air moon – (at 6:23 am, pdt/ 7:23 am mdt/ 8:23 am cdt/ 9:23 am edt). Honoring partnerships with people and angels–all day!

NO more aspects the rest of today, however we do move toward the tension of a MOON SQUARE PLUTO tomorrow morning at 10:35 am pdt.

May we prepare to focus our power and overcome any obstacles!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The author is travelling this week–to receive Astrology School Business and Reality Support! School Invitation still Coming Soon! For readings and more info on the New Astrology Reading School, e-mail me: azlanwhite@gmail.com – I’ll be in touch within 24 hours! Magical Blessings! ~