July 20, 2015 – Self-Nourishing Preparation for Big Light Coming!

children-516340_1280Today’s water and earth is a good day to touch both earth and elemental water. We are made of these elements!

MOON in Virgo SEXTILE MARS in Cancer, this morning, begins a week that is filled with light and magic. This is a day of self-caring action that prepares us for the burst of light coming later in the week that could be “electrically intense”–with a lot of fire. This grounding Earth Moon and Water Mars linked is a good sense of instinctual action! We will need this for the firey magic that can be ungrounding, that is coming.

Living inside of four years of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO in Capricorn, has created quite a feeling of struggle or limitation. There has been perhaps even the feeling of intense oppression, or barriers to overcome. It has felt hard, tiring and as if “we won’t be able to overcome it.”  This is what PLUTO in Capricorn in a SQUARE ‘feels like!’  It is just a feeling, ultimately, the resistance passes, and with focused “right action,” our dreams can and do unfold in grace and syncronicity.

This week is a week of power-packed sycnronicity aspects and a LIGHT BRIGHT SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY on Thursday! The SUN/MERCURY is a huge explosion of light in Sun’s sign of Leo. That is a lot of light!  Sometimes its so intense that it overwhelms us with life experience. Sometimes we are not able to speak, the brightness of this Solar to Mercurial contact can be  “blinding” to the mind, the same way that we experience “too bright light in our eyes!” As if we “can’t see for a moment,” or our mind is “overwhelmed with light!” Can we accept more and more light and allow the syncronicities of this week to lift us?

If we do not feel lifted in the “new life areas,” that support our heart and soul, then we can spend time “getting clear.” This is a good time to be clear about dreams, as the light is coming to empower our minds’ manifestations as the SUN CONJUNCTS MERCURY (at 12:24 pm pdt) on Thursday afternoon.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY this evening (at 8:02 pm pdt,/ 9:02 pm mdt/ 10:02 pm cdt/ 11:02pm edt) is a “Mercurial Foretelling,” of the Power and Light coming on Thursday. Moon is receptive and is like an “ear” to Mercury’s coming magic afoot!

May we prepare to let go of oppression, density, and limitation, instead, may we invite the unfolding syncronicity the Divine is loving us with, may we receive this love, drink it, and be grateful that the “ties that have bound us,” in the past are loosening day by day. We are being set free–can we allow ourselves to be lifted?