July 19, 2015 – Surf’s Up – Allowing the old to Release and the New to Birth – Letting Go

woman-warriorw mask and hairThe High Priestess Chamber Within is alive, as a deep venusian place inside is in alchemy. VENUS is slowing down. It may feel spiritually aligned at this time to allow ourselves to feel the power of “slowing down.” This kind of slowing down allows us to be more present to every sound, breath, beautiful movement of nature around us, and even each thought. Venus is going to tend to each heart beat. We are a cosmic piece of work, like a cosmic cosmonaut.

As spirit in form its a good time, in this Maidens Chamber, for 13 days of VENUS dipping into Virgo in her slowest season-to recognize the power and messages in this slowing. She is slowing down to take the most attentive care, to what matters most. With deep penetrating focus, she is birthing and writing, editing and clearing: her soul work. You too, are deepening and have a penetrating power to do your inner feminine soulwork, and deep listening–filled with revelations of the heart.

MOON OPPOSITE NEPTUNE, Earth to Water–and Divine Water to Sacred Earth, within us. (12:44 pm, pdt/ 1:44 pm mdt/ 2:44 pm cdt/ 3:44 pm edt)
What is being “planted by the divine,” within us today?

poppy-budIf we are the soil, what is newly seeded inside? MOON is waxing, meaning “rising in light,” from the dark place of the Dark to New Moon. Its always a “darker time,” when the light is dimmer in the sky from our Moon. As she rises in light, crossing the First Quarter Square on Thursday, she is still a dark, tiny rising light, filled with new seeds we may not even have seen yet!

If there is un-easiness within, its good to remember how powerful and purifying angel-in the city w attitude427694_1280and death-promoting the Pluto energy is, which is infused in this whole lunar cycle, as we head toward the fall Eclipse season.

Pay attention to early harvest times. It may be important to harvest early (or not) depending on what is going on in your corner of the world. With an Eclipse in the Harvest Season–we want to be “paying attention,” to what we are harvesting and its proper timing. Not too early, not too late.

Its a good day for cleaning when MOON is in Virgo. cereals-100263_1280This Earth cleaner is working in a power aspect to the Death and Old Shit Sweeper Outer. MOON and Power PLUTO are heading toward a geometric TRINE above us–like a Mudra in the sky to the Death-Birth Planet, PLUTO–late tonight (at 9:30 pm pdt/ 10:44 pm mdt/ 11:44 pm cdt/ 12:44 am edt).  There is strong and powerful shadow clearing and death energy in this cycle as well as strong and powerful rising light! It is a cycle of both extremes! May we balance well in the middle, with non-judgement.

May we allow the poignant beauty of what we are birthing to captivate our attention, amidst the dry, dying old world. May we let go of what is not working, and focus on the brilliant new arriving.

The week ahead had a lot of a lot of play, magic and inner-child wisdom. SUN will move from Cancer to Leo on July 22nd. We are entering a bright time. This is a beautiful time of increasing Power, and Light.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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