July 18, 2015 – Uranian Courage – Venus into the Organizer

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MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER this morning is a burst of inner light, from the core. Our body’s may not feel perfect, however our inner being is radiant today. We have good luck. (7:50 am pdt/ 8:50 am mdt/ 9:50 am cdt/ 10:50 pm edt)–that is ALL of us–this luck might who up in different areas for each of us, depending on yuor “Acendant” however all of us have GOOD LUCK and expanded consciousness available this morning! Rise n/ Soulshine!

MOON SQUARES SATURN – (2:41 pm pdt/ 3:41 pm mdt/ 4:41 pm cdt/ 5:41 pm edt), As the MOON is waxing in the PLUTO : Death/Birth Power-reclaiming cycle, it crosses a is a work-tension-square as our personal-self-indicator (the Moon)–rises in light, it asks us to be even more disciplined about the things we truly want to see in our future. It is telling us–you have real financial and business support in this cycle: as SATURN and PLUTO are mutually receptive and “working together,” on the New Era Systems. You are either seeing “systems fall,” or “new systems rise.” (depending on where you are looking).

VENUS ENTERS VIRGO!!!!!  Choo Choo. . . . . “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. . . . choo choo. . . . . VENUS is on a mission and – even though she is about to go retrograde–she has a lot more to do before that happens!”  However her style, is slowing down, she is beginning to go “deeper,” as if her “roots,” have grown long and touch deep into the earth in her area of life. While VENUS reaches Earth-Maiden-Virgo, she is reminiscing about departing her thriving Solar Creativity! The bridge between Leo and Virgo is a place of productivity. Fire and Earth together is a good combination for manifesting ideas into detailed form.

Virgo will take care of all of the “details,” of the giant creative visions that have taken place with VENUS in Leo! She loves the creativity so much she’s about to RETROGRADE in 8 days, returning to the sign of Leo. (Venus will be in Virgo for 13 days. This Sacred Virgo Time is Priestess Time. It is a deep within time for women, of grounding the practices and practical sides of our dreams. bokeh-769831_1280This 13 days is a maiden’s magical chamber. May you take the time–man or woman, to honor your inner high priestess. (whatever that means for you!) I am not going into details about this “13 days of Maidens Magical Chamber,” because it is truly for YOU to create as you wish. The energy is there for you. It is magical inward High Priestess energy of and for you. Blessings.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS this evening – right at the beginning “crest” fo Virgo. This is a magical place of new beginnings for the Divine Feminine Within! (5:49 pm pdt/ 6;49 pm mdt/ 7:49 pm cdt/ 8:49 pm edt) is a ritual beginning to our Inner Maidens chamber of 13 days. Even if you don’t know it–you are touching the sacred today and for the next 13 days. May it be deeply healing renewing, and self-loving for your inner divine feminine!

MERCURY SQUARE URANUS (6:07 pm, pdt/ 7:07 pm mdt/ 8:07 cdt/ 9:07 edt)
Is a work point for our communications with the web and with the invisible web of spirit. BOth are a bit “beyond us,” and both require our attention, especially during times that are in geometric SQUARE energy! May the zero’s and one’s be with you! May your cosmic timing be on. May you take the steps needed to grow into your highest digital and spiritual self!