July 16 and 17, 2015 – Water to Fire to Magic Trick !

MOON TRINED SATURN day after the NEW MOON, (Thursday)–with SATURN Saturn lineupholding a power point in PLUTO ruled Scorpio, Retrograding, clearing this Scorpio sign for the last time–like a final Retro-Sweep of whatever we needed to do with SATURN in Scorpio that we didn’t already do. . . . its up! Perhaps we spent the whole two years SATURN was in Scorpio, “clearing shadow,” illness, grief or some other deep place where a lot-o-clearin’ was needed. Maybe JUST NOW, that SATURN Scorpio adventure is able to work and build in the clear space. Its building new infrastructure for your abundance in the New World. The world that Uranus was building in the invisible world for a long time and Saturn is just now catching up! This WATER TRINE energy with Saturn at the helm of the boat, gifts us with structure to support our work, and abundance in a new world, the one still coming, its just a tiny baby still.

Right after trining SATURN yesterday, MOON went VOID, before entering LEo. Fire. This Leo MOON TRINES URANUS at 10:55 pm Friday. All day we build toward this kind-hearted revolution from within. From a WATER TRINE, to a FIRE TRINE, its a magical world all around us! There is such connection with the power of URANUS right now. URANUS, carries our power to create something “instantly,” like lightning. We have the power to make a miracle, see through illusion, create from vision to manifestation in a single bound. Its not just superman, its harnessing the power of our own mind. We are on a Fools Journey this next three months–each one of us can TAKE THAT LEAP OF FAITH. If you are not taking a leap of faith, of one kind or another, then create one just to honor the times! Take a leap on behalf of your truth, your heart and your imagination!

Each one of us is on a Fool's Journey and each retreat is a group adventure!

. . .Note from the author–When i really tune into the energy before writing, sometimes my timing is different. For example–on the New Moon–the aspects were so powerful, that I knew I needed to feel very deeply into them to write accurately about such a potent time in our history as now–I don’t know how to send posts to you if I miss the feedburner “pick up time,” (for my e-mail subscription people)! On the New Moon I missed that time!–I published it just after that. So I apologize to those of you who felt frustrated if the NEw MOon post felt a day late. The truth is that post is good for the whole cycle and that day imprints into the New Moon energy, therefore the energy of the whole cycle–that is the July 15th, 2015 New Moon Blog–is good all month long!

I’m working toward having these daily writings to you “on time,” by midnight the day before. While I am still landing from 4 years of intense death/rebirth like symptoms, and a total inability to ground myself–I’m finally grounding. I feel so relieved to feel grounded enough, again to write these for you. I love writing them. I love what it connects me to, to write them daily. I’m happy to be of service and want you to know–My goal is to have them posted on the site by midnight the day of the post. Thanks for your patience with my funny timing! Thanks to Seah for bringing it up–I thought I’d just address it with y’all! Thanks for listening! I Love You! Onward with the surfing of our starlight maps!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Thank you to all of you who are seeing the power of joining together and joining with us on the journey–(all of us together are more powerful to make changes)–I do the best I can these days, to juggle wolves, this daily blog, a New Astrology School! I’m also a part of this New Really Cool Soul Blue Print Community that a few of you have supported its coming into being–(I meant to send out an official opening invitation today) and some technical back-side preparation things are taking longer than I thought and my invitation is delayed! Stay tuned! A Public Invitation to Join the New School, in the first group of 20 students Starting September 6th: Is coming ASAP! There’s also an invitation coming for the New Soul BLue PRint Community ~ I’m a busy elf preparing for you! Simply–if you haven’t already contacted me, and you are interested in being a student, drop me an e-mail: azlanwhite@gmail.com – or if you would like a reading. Drop me what is on your mind about a reading! I’ll be back in touch within 24 hours usually! Azlan, your ally at a crossroads.Azlan White
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