July 15, 2015 – POWER NEW MOON ~ Creator’s Synthesis Cycle~ Initiate 3 month Death/Rebirth Portal~ Chaos Nodes Intensify~Increased Power in Our Hands ~Rite of Passage ~

immortal-758418_1280HAPPY NEW MOON !!  ~  (later this evening!)
NEW MOON takes place [at 6:24 pm pdt/ 7:24 pm mdt/ 8:24 pm cdt/ 9:24 pm edt]
This New Moon in Cancer, is the initiation of a “culmination cycle,” a kind of three month Portal of POWER AND SHIFT energy.

This morning, and most of today–we are still in the unwinding of the last cycle. We are in a deep quiet time. There is a rest energy, a deep meditation and inward pull. We are called by our very souls to go within at this time! (can you feel that?) From this place of deep quiet we can prepare for the volatile POWER and SHIFT energy ahead.

Tonight is a deep seasonal ritual night. As we cross from the light-hearted summer cycle we just passed, to a deeper more gut-based cycle ahead. The NEW MOON in Mother Cancer, calls us to “listen well,” like a good mother, we look ahead and “prepare,” in the face of potential dangers. This is a time to hold vigil, prayers and listening (ear to the ground) of the Great Mother, Our Earth, and the Life, Species, Living Systems and Waters of the Earth that host us here in this world.  Without them intact–we cannot thrive. This is a portal of time in which physical destruction of living systems that we have not cared for well–could occur. There is a dangerous power to manage in all of this.

Planting New Seeds ~ is the cyclical ritual we host every new moon. This cycle’s soul-623423_1280seeds are the culmination of many other seed-planting missions that we’ve had. Here in this POWER CYCLE, we are integrating, synthesizing, and taking responsibility for sharing our true and deep gifts with the world–whatever those are–this is the time to “come out of the closet” with them.

This day, and this cycle is so powerful : I am not sure how to put it into words. I have been looking at the energy for quite some time over the last few days and feel a deep uneasiness, in how to express the importance of each of us, humbling ourselves to “what might be required,” to make the shifts we need to make to survive and thrive, crossing into a golden era of light, instead of a downward spiral of ecological destruction. This next three months is highly important.

protect-450596_1280This is a call to prayer, for all religions, and all people. May we pray that we make the shift. That each individual stretches to “open their heart,” wide enough that we can make it across this 3 month portal of potential death and destruction!

This prayers lies in the face of an immense power to shift that we face in the HeartInHead-240728_1280next few months. As I perceive the collective and people before me, I feel uneasy about the potential lack of “care,” responsibility and attention that it may take to live through the next three months, in grace rather than destruction.  I call you each to your deepest core truth, power and the ability to hold your position here, and bring your gifts fully out, so that the heart of the world opens. We will need the heart of the world to open, in order to save ourselves from ecological and corruption-based destruction.

I am curious what the “powers that be,” the “powers that we see,” will do, as well as if the systems that we’ve been fracking, polluting and destroying, that have been threatening to collapse, will make it through the next three months.

Final clearing on the America Dollar (and on world money) coming ~ through September 2015 ~
Final clearing on the America Dollar (and on world money) coming ~ through September 2015 ~

Beware the dollar, or the basis of economies, they may fall or “change hands.” Who holds the real bank strings anyway?  This lunar cycle–as MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO messages to us: take action now! Take economic action, in preparation for the potential collapses and unexpected changes of the eclipse of September!  The eclipses are coming. Rugs may be pulled. Unexpected changes may occur. Get ready.

Along with the potential for “Economic Collapse,” Earthquakes, Volcanoes and literal “loss of ground,” in –many ways–are possible. Human beings in the next few months need to remember to “take leaps of faith,” overcome life and death obstacles, and at the core, reclaim power and soul, claiming the power, depth, and knowing, to make the miracles that might save our species and planet.

Alongside the “doom/gloom potential” that is always available with intense PLUTO energy as well as during eclipses, I am filled with the bubbling excitement of a birthing new world, and new projects–even my own.

I understand and feel the larger collective shifts looming around the edges, the shifts that have been building, emerging and tumbling out of confinement for the last four years–the ones that are big and ominous, like “corrupt government,” bad medical system, and a misused-power-based food system. These things are up for more exposure over the next three months, as the authenticity and truth wrecking ball comes crashing down. How much of our world is built on lies?–this is where we are in danger of death and confrontation in the next few months.

The Shadow Side of PLUTO and this upcoming eclipse in September: There is a dark mean streak in many human beings, there are powerful spiritual forces that are not of the light that have lodged themselves within certain areas of our world–that each of us know about in some way, and can see, in some way. At the same time–in this “game” and reality we call “earth,” there are angels and beings of the light, who are working with us, (if we choose to be of service to them), to assist the “highest outcomes,” in the context of our “human dilemma” here.

We have entered a time of human shift, catharsis, life and death, and the “inconvenient truth,” that we will either change radically toward the “heart,” or die. seminar-711675_1280

I remember one afternoon, sitting with a group of mystics, who were “reaching for guidance,” from angels and such beings who can guide us. . . . . especially those who are christed with heart-light, as I seemed to draw the heart guides. I can still hear these words: “Humanity IS going into the heart, that is the next evolutionary step for humanity–into the heart. – . . . . . “We don’t know how many human beings there will be left, when the shift into the heart is made, however those who are left, will make that shift.” It is the destiny for humanity to move “into the heart.”

“We don’t know how many there will be left when the shift to the heart is made.” echoes in my mind and causes me to be sad. I feel that there are a lot of people who are “so unconscious,” or focused in tiny worlds that leave them “separated,” from any awareness of the greater “we,” or of what “we,” are facing as a whole on our planet, with the intense destruction of all the life systems that uphold life. Destruction that is man-made. Destruction that is ours–caused by us, and is affecting us. The affects, of our destruction to our life-system is going to show repercussions in this next window of time. Karma’s will be coming to pass. There is a message out amidst the mystic community, “We don’t know if humanity will make it or not,” . . .  now I’ve heard this before. And as far as I can tell–we’ve been through these portals before, and we have made it before. (in fact even in the last few years we’ve been through this “near death experience.”) I believe we will make it. I believe in our ability to rise above shadow and into a firm power to hold the light here, through our own feet and bodies. And this is the time to do that. Now is the time.

This next three month portal, Grim Reaper figure in garden
followed by the tricky death and purification power of the upcoming September Eclipse. Pluto, allied with the Eclipse, births us into one of the more intense few months of our lives. I am not trying to scare you, and don’t want to doom and gloom you, however I want you to feel and know the gravity and power of this time. And how much YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE if you take it to heart that we are literally “on the brink,” of outrageous destruction and human death, through collapses in systems that are already on the brink, or these collapses can lead to a revolution of the human spirit, a revolution of love via our ability to help and support each other amidst the throes of total revolution, catharsis and transformation.

This morning, with the MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO
[at 7:12 am, pdt/ 8:12 am mdt/ 9:12 am cdt/ 10:12 am edt] There is the call for the “deepest actions,” the truest most integral ways we can share ourselves are called forward! Action in the face of authentic POWER is required. We are called to RECLAIM POWER, MAGNETISE OUR SOULS CORE, Come Out of the Closet, And SHARE OUR GIFTS, (while we can). While we have life and bodies and an earth. Now is the time. 

I feel a deep quiet today in the dark to New Moon crossing. It is so peaceful, and yet I know the power of these points of us. I know that this quiet is the quiet of the deep NEW MOON of a new cycle that will peak at a FULL MOON, and then go into a series of eclipse-related months.

MOON SQUARE URANUS today [at 1:10 pm pdt/ 2:10 pm mdt/ 3:10 pm cdt/ 4:10 pm edt] is a sign showing: we begin today–a period of Revolution and Cathartic Home-Based Changes! Hold tight to the core, because the outskirts are up for changes!

[at 4:40 pm, pdt/ 5:40 pm mdt/ 6:40 pm cdt/ 7:40 pm edt] is hosting our mind and communications on our POWER–in a challenge or clearing, claiming or standing on our truth.

“Don’t be distracted from your authentic inner and outer work!” Our collective “mind,” is literally bypassing PLUTO right now as scientists watch the video camara’s passing by. . . . Don’t be distracted by the illusions of PLUTO, while your core power is calling you home. If you do not re-member to implement what you came here to do, in this cycle, it may never happen. Its time to Make it Happen! Whatever your mission, whatever you came here to do: its time to DO IT NOW!!  First you must “know,” what it is, intend it and communicate it. You must gather your core power and communicate your truth in this cycle. May you be courageous in your words and truth.

[at 9:14 pm pdt/ 10:14 pm mdt/ 11:14 cdt/ 12: 14 am edt] at the end of this NEW MOON evening, initiates a cycle of authentic action, clearing the mother archetype and communicating our authentic heart in action. We will be called to soulful direct action in this portal of change. May we act with integrity and heart.

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”  –Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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For more clarity about the specifics of our “human dilemma,” please watch the “Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium” video of the Pachamama Alliance. www.pachamama.org.

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(From Tom Kenyon–Sound Healer and Divine Channel)