July 12, 2015 – Radical Shift ~ Into the Unknown ~ Surrendering into the River of Now

river-533932_1280This morning, MOON in Gemini is SQUARE NEPTUNE for a “flow of life,” that may feel like its going a different direction than our comfort zone. We feel one thing and the river is washing us over with water, flowing through the now, with its energy of life, renewal and direction. This WATER SQUARE may be a test to “let go,” in the face of something we want to “hold onto.” We can let go, and surrender into what is happening in the now, trusting the divine plan to light the way. The physical world is not always as it appears to be.

SUN SQUARE URANUS later this evening is a radical shift energy, especially related to how we “lead ourselves.” Cancer to Aries, Cardinal water to Cardinal or (leadership oriented) fire. Water and Fire are the two elements in the mystical key of Temperence. Water tempers fire and fire tempers water, they are mutually uniquely in need of different circumstances. There is a place for emotional water, soul-life and money and there is a place for spirit, creativity, and inspiration, to light the way. Like two elemental pathways, we are led by both. How does one temper and inform the other and visa versa? Can we honor both? Spirit (fire) and Money (water)?  Emotion (water) and Inspiration (fire)?

URANUS offers us a “break through,” in a SQUARE with our “miracle-level-creative” wild free inventive self. We are (perhaps) offered a new way, or can invite a new ingredient, in balancing diverse forces. For example, like balancing: family and individual creative action. How do we both tend to our family and initiate appropriate and independant action that is right for us (and for everyone else) ?

SUN is our life force, our health, our radiance, our creativity and our ability to shine in our community–SQUARED by URANUS, we are called to correct the places where we are not thriving.

There is light and water to carry us forward, into the unknown. May we let go and “go with the guided flow,” of the divine life before us. May we allow the lunar cycle to unwind us, down into the dark, release, rest time.

NEW MOON is Tuesday evening. Until then, lunar and personal energy is low, unwinding and we prepare for the Whopper Power New MOON! (happening with a MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO)–beware the power of volatile Pluto within and without. This is an opportunity to balance masculine misuses of power within and around us. May we harness in our loving clear focus: right use of force. This upcoming lunar cycle is a lunar cycle of more RADICAL (even explosive) forces of CHANGE in our midst and in our hands. My we use them wisely and with care.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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