July 10, 2015 – Good Home Gardening

bridge-53769_1280Fire in the Cauldron on Wednesday, with MARS TRINE NEPTUNE–still bringing us sycronicity in action.

Fire trines on Thursday leading to Earth today–is a perfect formula for manifesting creativity into form.

In fire we create, imagine and write the stories. In earth we dig them, root them and forge them into being.

MOON (now in earthy Taurus) SEXTILE the MARS NEPTUNE synrconicity team–is a personal dose of magic connection with the unknown forces of our lives. We can act in accordance with Divine Flow, with ease on a day like today. Its easy to act in alignment with heaven.

(1:24 pm pdt/ 2:24 pm mdt/ 3:24 pm cdt/ 4:24 pm edt)
offers a moment of “coming to life/death and true choice!” We choose what to invoke, bring to life each day, and what to ignore, and stop watering. It is us who chooses what threads of consciousness live and which ones die. This is a moment to let a few threads go, to weave in some shineir more heavenly threads! This personal “knowing,” to personal power aspect is a great business day time.

at (9:08 pm pdt/ 10:08 pm mdt/ 11:08 pm cdt/ 12:08 am edt)
really is a deeply sensual romantic evening. SUN in Cancer, with MOON in Taurus, eat, touch and slather oils all over!

MOON is waning in this cycle. Next lunar cycle begins July 15th with a NEW MOON in Cancer. This NEW MOON happens with MERCURY and MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO. 1, 2, 3 cathart! Abundance is in these energies! How are you collecting and can you feel it?

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