July 7, 2015 – Water to Fire Corner – Plants Reaching for Waning Sunlight

globe-thistle-599653_1280Even Flowers have spikes sometimes–it makes them more whole,
(and overall–well rounded!)

at( 5:56 am PDT/ 6:56 am MDT/ 7:56 am CDT/ 8:56 am EDT)

is a corner of the waning moon in a 90 degree struggle and testing aspect–a normal part of a healthy eco-system.  We may feel a little prickly, in the waning Moon energy. Corners and squares are times to struggle through to right relationship, amidst turbulence and sharp edges at times. Even flowers have sharp edges sometimes!

We are shifting our home space and our communications as needed.

MOON TRINE SATURN this morning
at (7:36 am PDT/ 8:36 am MDT/ 9:36am CDT/ 10:36 am EDT)
is a solid mother father aspect. We are parenting ourselvses, each other and all of life around us. We are the wisdom, spiralling into greater alignment with the whole wonder of evolving us amidst it all.

We have a morning ‘MOON-VOID,:
The VOID is from (7:36 am – 9:37 am PDT/ for reference)–two hours.
just prior to MOONs entry from WATER to FIRE, elementally, we may feel ourselves shifting from rain and water, to fire and sunlight. (in one form or another)–these are archetypal and seasonal energies, shifting and changing, that we all experience within and without our body-spirit-vehicles on earth at this time!   (it is a shifting changing energy between Pisces and Aries) between water and fire, between subtle vast feeling energy (Pisces) and inspired creative energy (Aries).

MOON enters the seasonal sign of Aries more solidly from the VOID,
At 9:37 am pdt, 10:37 mdt/ 11:37 cdt/ 12:37 pm edt–
and there is an uplifted fire that swoops in to lift our water selves. Today’s spirit will lift as the day goes on, and the fire spirit lifts our emotional nature into inspiration, and more light.

(7:19 pm, pdt/ 8:19 pm mdt/ 9:19 pm cdt/ 10:19 pm edt)
–is a communication with structure that is slightly uncomfortable. “We” are able to communicate with the physical world, and yet spirit and matter are different creatures, collaborating is a trick of faith and communication. We are spirit in matter. Our consciousness is a mental/ spiritual vehicle communing with an emotional physical vehicle–“what a long strange trip its been,” said Jerry Garcia. This communication is a miracle and sometimes awkward–like this evening.

Its ok to be tired and rest tonight–there is a lot of big energy to face in the middle of the night and tomorrow–lots of MARS and PLUTO. We’ll have action wtih grace and challenges in the crossing between today and tomorrow–in the middle of the night.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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