July 3, 2015 – Wisdom from Our Deepest Pain Speaking Today

We Have all the Power to focus the life force we are given. thanks to Rogilde for the image.
We Have all the Power to focus the life force we are given.

MOON SEXTILED SATURN in the middle of the night as it was moving from Capricorn to Aquarius. From the structural earth to the structural air, we are evolving this night. Saturn matures us into our own integrity. With the dynamics lately, we are being matured by our deep pain, our longing, our heart’s repeated song singing of a humanity that is integrated with itself and creation, integrated with forest, lion, and bird song, snake murmur and peach falling from tree, ripe in our hand. A humanity that can rise, each morning in joy at the integral nature of nature, knowing it is a single thread of a whole fabric of synthesized divinity.

MOON enters Aquarius at 5:21 am, PDT. As the personal feeling MOON departs SATURN’s earth sign, (Capricorn) we enter SATURN’s air (Aquarius).  Capricorn is the ground of SATURN and Aquarius is its sky–its mind. In the mind of SATURN, we organize our thoughts, into sciences, communities and online websites.

CHIRON SQUARE MERCURY at (8:06 am, PDT/ 9:06 am MDT/ 10:06 am CDT/ 11:06 am EDT) is the aspect that calls in “wisdom from our deepest pain,” to speak and be heard. (by us). Our deep self has something to say. What is it?

Our places of pain (Chiron related) are places where a story has led us to our “inner wound,” that never heals, why does it never heal? It seems to be pecked again and again, by another trigger, opening it up like a raw place where the universe “rubs us.” This pain gets our attention. As we turn toward it, going into it, what is under it? What is the message? What is the force and power of longing that is under the pain?

Water longs to meet the mouth of a thirsty drinker. A flower longs to touch the sunlight. Raindrops long to bathe creation. Life loves itself. Where in us, has the circle of life stopped its ecstatic dance and how can we invite it to return?

MERCURY SEXTILES JUPITER at (5:53 pm PDT/ 6:53 pm MDT/ 7:53 pm CDT/ 8:53 pm EDT) By the evening–we may have the answer to the above question. JUPITER brings grace and contact with wisdom that emerges right out of life itself.

May wisdom fill pain with the laughter of understanding. May human tolerance, forgiveness, patience, and intelligence overcome all human distortion as we tell our deeper story and allow its grace to light the way.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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