July 1, 2014 – Happy Full Moon in Capricorn! ~ Boundaries for Beauty

plans-767374_1280FULL MOON in Capricorn is an opportunity to deeply meet out own SATURN energy.

How do we do boundaries?  Do we melt into soup, boundaryless, or do we get too edgy? And where is the middle between soup and ice. We want our boundaries to support thriving not constrict us from life.

FULL MOON in SATURN’s Sign of Capricorn says: How is constriction helpful? (as when we go into a muscle contraction): like tightening all of our muscles so we can release them later and feel the release of tension that was in them before. With a TIGHTEN and RELEASE, there is alchemy.  SATURN is our place of tighten. Boundary. Command, Intend. No compromises. This FULL MOON calls us home to our SATURN. We are asked, What Boundaries are needed here? What is the plan?

goat-542796_1280The world is made of soft places and hard places, and we too, are made of soft and hard places. SATURN is our hard places. Our Father within who sets boundaries. This is the Full Moon of Rules. If we have a healthy SATURN within, then WE WRITE THE RULES, and we are honoring of the rules others have written as we can be.

With a healthy SATURN, our authority, that means the “authorship,” and driver of our life, is us.

network-586177If we feel “victim,” in any way to an authority outside ourselves–that is our SATURN work, to bring the authority inside. We are 100 percent responsible for every thing that we face. Our inner SATURN has the boundaries, the clear intention, and the power to be the one author of our one precious life.

Our inner Father Capricorn is the part of us that is hard, boundried, and mountainous. We focus, we achieve, we plan, we limit our time, we are realistic, we set goals and we meet them. Aho!


How do we create borders around the soft warm creative parts of life that need frames?  Where do we need stone walls to support soft warm fires, soft warm heart murmurs, and soft warm bodies?

Today is an Inner Father Day. Celebrating our ability to hold ourselves in a perfect plan.

ntbWe are here on earth in a kind of “Physical Body School” –learning.  What does it mean to be physical? Our physical bodies–especially in Capricorn are our “control panels,” our computers, and wisdom tools. Our bodies “know things.” This FULL MOON LIGHT lights up our BODIES in their Capricorn touch-centered place.

Capricorn says: Where have we made commitments, how do we follow through well?  When Saturn energy is around, we feel nourished by following through, completing tasks, and being good “disciples,” of divine plan.

How do we create a plan that balances our work and home life? Capricorn is our work life, while its opposite, where the SUN sits now, is Cancer.   This FULL MOON calls us to plan for our home/work balance.


How do we use the boundary and limitation tool to “Boundary for Beauty?”  How do we create the boundaries in our lives, so that beauty has a place to thrive?



thimble-330145_1280Shadow and Dark is in the ROOTs, while we aim toward the light

This FULL MOON is joined by JUPITER/VENUS/CHIRON in relationship. VENUS is being aspected by Chiron from an awkward position bringing the tender footprints and soulprints of our deepest wounds into light as we ask ourselves what we need to build the garden of our soul?

What kind of boundaries, form, walls, gate, or mountains live in our soul-garden? 10734005_10205131845714698_4287255718979573471_nWhatever has hurt the most lately, has wisdom as to how to build the next part of life.  Chiron surfaces a wound to heal it and bring more light wisdom and evolution. Triggered Wounds Break Our Hearts Open, so more light can get in, more soul gets in. We open.

May healing rain on all wounds
(CHIRON SQUARE MERCURY is exact on Friday Morning)–make way for healing words, opening wounds to speak with their wisdom.

Aspects for today ~

MOON OPPOSES MARS at [10:32 am, PDT/ 11:32 am MDT/ 12:32 pm CDT/ 1:32 pm EDT] bringing us to the peak of this MARS-SUN touched cycle, now in Cancer. The soft warm part that nourishes and cuddles the jewels of love.

SUN TRINE NEPTUNE at [2:10 pm PDT/ 3:10 pm MDT/ 4:10 pm CDT/ 5:10 pm EDT] is a grace aspect of creative water and light. Its summertime and this is a summertime beauty aspect! Enjoy the beauty of our Earth Garden in its peak of natural beauty and wonder. We too–are at our peak of natural physical beauty and wonder. May we let our skin glow, get moistened in water and shined in the light.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at [6:58 pm, pdt. / 7:58 pm mdt/ 8:58 pm cdt/ 9:58 pm EDT] bringing evening grace. Full Moons are intense and this FULL MOON in Capricorn has PLUTO in its sign so we’re Full Mooning that Cauldron of Pressure that we’ve been in on and off for four years, changing, from one form to another. This grace is soothing, healing and invites us to “go with the flow,” . . . . there is a divine plan.

MOON rises all day, until it is FULL at [7:19 pm pdt/ 8:19 pm MDT/ 9:19 pm CDT/ 10:19 pm EDT] This FULL MOON Is at 9 degrees of Capricorn. It is lighting up that part of our life, meanwhile the SUN shines on the opposite Cancerian side at 9 degrees of Cancer. This point is flowered, and held in the tangible light of SUN and MOON today.   May we stretch into whatever this stretch is doing within us. May we root and shine!

water-209901_1280MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at [2:55 am PDT/ 3:55 am MDT/ 4:55 pm CDT/ 5:55 pm EDT] the FULL MOON builds toward our cathartic inner (and outer) POWER POINT at this time. This contact between FULL MOON and PLUTO is a force of life/death infusion. Whatever is not in alignment must die. Whatever is in alignment is infused with life. May we focus, (PLuto’s power)–our power into creating the Capricornian, Saturnian structures that support the flow of our personal power as we go from here.

May we manage power well. May we infuse consciousness into our boundaries and our power. The rubber and the road. May your little dirby vehicle in rubber on road be magical–and later be given wings. But for today–may we honor how physical we are–give our bodies the Capricornian pleasures of soil and soul, water on one foot and dirt on the other.

May we honor our physical nature today! Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

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