June 30, 2015 – Fire-Water Alchemy ~ Day B4 Full Moon!

Yesterday had us in a Water-Fire Square, MOON in Sagittarius SQUARE NEPTUNE in Pisces. There were large psychic forces being tempered with small intimate needs.

This early morning–tension is in the air, as MOON OPPOSES MERCURY (pre-dawn), and eruptions at home, under mis-communications, or that over-powerful MARS energy that was a part of the NEW MOON of this cycle of communications learnings–is making itself known, especially at home, now that MARS is in Cancer.  (as of June 24).

MERCURY is just fresh out of the retrograded degrees of Gemini, so we’re now in fresh new Gemini mind territory again, rather than our retrograding 9 week journey. So this OPPOSITION may carry this mutable frustrated feeling of wanting to move forward and “finally moving forward,” however feeling some awkwardness in that forward motion. In new territory, sometimes there are mistakes in the beginning.

549396_10207475494032119_4061556490325044778_nIn these days, with OPPOSITIONS present, as well as large outer forces of grace and power, it is good to allow ourselves to be “lifted,” by the forces that are holding our creative vision, while letting go of any areas where conversational conflict arises. Our creative inner fire is the most alive key and gift right now!

MORNING TRINES bring us the potential for grace, abundance and a lot of feminine creative beauty.

MOON TRINE URANUS (Sag to Aries) – at [9:01 am, PDT/10:01 MDT/11:01 am CDT/ 12:01 pm EDT] offers the kind of grace that lightning brings in an instant, when you couldn’t “see before,” but now you can “see,” something we couldn’t see before in our lives.

MOON TRINE VENUS (Sag to Leo) – at [10:47 am, PDT/ 11:47 am MDT/ 12:47 pm CDT/ 1:47 pm EDT] has the impulse to free us from anything less than creative fire, into that. We are creative divine wands of unconditional light, in form. We are art, dance, and new life design.

MOON TRINE JUPITER (Sag to Leo) at [11:18 am, PDT/ 12:18 pm MDT/ 1:18 pm CDT / 2:18 pm EDT] – We are expanding beyond old limitations and ideas of home. We are growing and mothering each other through the operational changes in era–this is a creative process of using intelligence to design new systems that will carry us into the New Era Consciousness. Ultimately, the “largest view,” is that Earth is our home. Our small home, piece of property, city, or place of residence, is a shell over the real home, which is the fire in our heart.

MOON goes into the VOID between Sag and Capricorn at [11:18 pm, PDT/ 12:18 MDT/ 1:18 CDT/ 2:18 EDT] for the rest of the day.  This is a VOID between two kinds of tension, just after a moment of breathing, creativity and grace today in this creative VOID.  This is a RISING MOON CREATIVE VOID. This is precious creative time.

FULL MOON is tomorrow evening–July 1, 2015, at [7:20 pm PDT/ 8:20 pm MDT/ 9:20 PM CDT/ 10:20 pm EDT] and the “magic,” begins just after Midnight tonight–JUPITER CONJUNCT VENUS is a lift of feminine power and magic, freedom and abundance! We are pure love in action and the heart is freeing us into our highest selves if we would like to go there.

May this rising light–focus us on the creative path, as human male-female relations are tested in this few days. Its good to honor silence more than words, dance more than talking, and the spiritual energies that carry our creative fire into manifestation.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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