June 27, 2015 – Deep Feeling Water Poured onto Earth

beautiful-237906_1280MOON is still in Scorpio this morning, TRINING NEPTUNE in Pisces. The sensitive water sign and the deep water sign are hosting an ocean of feeling. We can “jump in the river today,” and let go of whatever emotional “holds,” or withdraws might be stopping us from “going with the flow,” and allowing grace to move us.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at [3:06 pm pdt, 4:06 pm mdt/ 5:06 pm cdt/ 6:06 pm edt] connects the Capricornian Earth to our powerful fluid emotional water. We are here to feel deeply and today’s aspects invite us into that deep feeling place of power.

MOON SQUARE VENUS coming tomorrow morning can be an awkward aspect for love or money, a time of work on the things we care about most in our lives–the things that are made of emotional fabric.