June 26, 2015 – GRAND WATER TRINE –Scorpio Deep, Pisces Sweet Divine Wisdom, Trine Cancer Mama Knows Best ~

MOON went VOID yesterday after [4:22 pm pdt/ 5:22 pm mdt/ 6:22 pm cdt/ 7:22 pm edt] in the VOID between Libra and Scorpio.

MOON enters Scorpio in the late morning: [10:57 am pdt/ 11:57 am mdt/ 12:57 am cdt/ 1:57 pm edt]–entering the realm of deep emotional and fluid GRAND TRINE in water.

This water is soothing to yesterday’s fire.

MOON TRINE MARS (Scorpio to Cancer) is exact at [2 pm pdt/ 3pm mdt/ 4pm cdt/ 5pm edt] is a soothing set of intuitive actions. We push a button and the umbrella goes up for rain, we can have an intuitive “knowing,” about how to function in this kind of human raining in our midst. Intuition is required in these times to remediate the disharmonious eruptions of our MARS external folks. May the wise deep knowing waters of life soothe all fires with knowing actions.

time-447679_1280SUN in mama Cancer TRINE waxing MOON in Scorpio at [9:12 pm pdt/ 10:12 pm mdt/ 11:12pm cdt/ 12:12 pm edt].  This TRINE is a celebration of psychic, soul, sensitive deep feelings. We all feel deeply and this leads us to heart, doorway of soul. May we all cherish and honor the doorways of soul that invite us to presence with each other. This Masculine / Feminine trine is a celebration of our feelings for and with each other. May we share soul together, in the fluid watery TRINE of soul flow.

Next TRINE: MOON TRINE NEPTUNE (in Pisces) – tomorrow morning at 6 am pdt.

May we all surf and create in the grace of this life-giving soothing, healing day of water.  May we allow our deepest feelings to release, flow, cleanse and heal.