June 25, 2015 – Love, Money and Truth Revolution in Rising Light

MOON in winged, thinking-Libra, SQUARES PLUTO in pyramid-rooted-Capricorn this early morning. [4:07 am PDT/ 5:07 am MDT/ 6:07 am CDT/ 7:07 am EDT]

we are rooted and with wings. Today we are stretched between sky and ground.  We are called to fly while remaining rooted.

log-258817_1280Rooted and skied.

CHIRON is now RETROGRADE, into October (after stationing yesterday early morning). We have a deep healing journey ahead of us, in Chiron’s Retrograde time of a little less than 5 months. ~ May our healing journey be beautiful and freeing in the Piscean waters of mama life.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at [10:15 am, PDT/ 11:15 am MDT/ 12:15 pm CDT/ 1:15 pm EDT] is a beautiful aspect between feminine energies. It is our art, our love, our beauty and inner feminine nourished from within. How divine.

children-200066_1280Everyone has an inner divine feminine celebrant!

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS [at 3:20 pm PDT / 4:20 pm MDT/ 5:20 pm CDT/ 6:20 pm EDT] is our weekly MOON contact with the BIRTH CANAL PRESSURES of our TRANSFORMATION, which we are all in the cauldron of–stillllll. Still catharting.  Today is a freedom day–BREAK FREE! Its time to break free in areas of constriction! Shocking news is meant to free you in the greater cosmic plan ~ how can we free each other today?

Today we are “in the cauldron” again! URANUS STILL SQUARE PLUTO, in Cardinal signs, with MOON in Cardinal Libra today–in that cardinal T-SQUARE–shaking up our birthing and transformation process! We are shaken up to restructure our time-based, money-based systems. SATURN of Capricorn is shaking us from the core of our PLUTO! (SATURN is now back in PLUTO-ruled Capricorn, creating a mutual reception between SATURN and PLUTO), with PLUTO in SATURN’s sign of Capricorn, and SATURN in PLUTO’s sign of Scorpio.  For the next few months–SATURN RETROGRADE back into Scorpio, is working the depths and roots of our economic systems once again.

Today it may feel like: its a little rough still, in the cauldron, however, there is a little more grace than before. So its getting easier to withstand the cosmic birth pressure as the SQUARE tapers off one slow outer planet moving day at a time.

Today–JUPITER and VENUS are in supporting rolls, even with the Birth Canal Square Pressure going on–abundance and freedom are present today to break through the pressures of new birthing love-based projects, in an old system of fear.  This is not easy, however necessary and more fun than the alternatives of not giving birth to our gifts in the world. We are here on a day like today to give birth to our gifts, celebrating them whole-heartedly with the everyone else’s gifts.

columns-420749_1920Nomatter what is happening, we can look up to the light and grace tonight. We are in a sacred temple earth and we are loved.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at (4:22 pm PDT/ 5:22 pm MDT/ 6:22 pm CDT/ 7:22 pm EDT) is a kiss of expanded abundance, wings, good luck and grace from the big spiritual sky in our world. We are held, called to fly above all the darkness that may have reared its head in the PLUTO SQUARE today. We are held in the light tonight. May we allow ourselves to be held in this light.

May we be truthful, may we be bold, may we know that we are loved, nomatter what. In the light, we are loved, purely and wholly, fully and completely. May we love others that way as much as we can muster! Like God-(dess)e(s), loving earth.

May we love like never before, as souls loving through a body.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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