June 24, 2015 – Healing Portal !

Today is the FIRST QUARTER SQUARE point–when we move from the dark waxing side of the lunar cycle, to the light waxing side–so the MOON is gaining in light and its the “celebratory, social party” time of the lunar cycle! Its the OUT time!

Meanwhile, CHIRON STATIONS this morning–creating a healing portal–shifting its direction from forward to retrograde for nearly five months. we’ll be digging deep for healing, into the past, for the next five months.

Crop Circle - July 26, 2011Crop Circle Portal ~ Prepare for Incoming Healing Energy

MARS enters Cancer at (6:33 am, PDT/ 7:33 pm MDT / 8:33 am CDT /  9:33 am EDT). Cancer is a kinder more nourishing place for MARS than Gemini. Our words and talking can become a little charged while MARS is in Gemini. Cancer activates the Sacred Mother within us–into action. Mama Power and Action!

MOON TRINE MERCURY at (9:08 pm PDT/ 10:08 pm MDT / 11:08 pm CDT / 12:08 pm EDT) is a softer voice than we’ve experienced in a while. MARS has left MERCURY’s sign, so our mind softens this evening, even in the rising moonlight, we can let go of our mind’s fiesty hold-on-to-nesses. Communication is fluid and helpful tonight.

May we set healing intentions for the next five months. What from the past needs to heal and mend? This is a good day to set Chiron-based healing intent for this 5 month journey of CHIRON RETROGRADING! 

Our ability to communicate is tied to our ability to heal the world around us. May we communicate our tender hearts today.