June 17, 2015 – NEW MOON rising

Robin's Eggs
Time to set intentions for the next cycle of creation!

We can birth whatever we choose–that is powerful.

MOON is also “in the cauldron of change today,” we are affected by the unconscious, by larger forces, and we are allied with them.

MOON TRINE NEPTUNE this morning offers grace, between cosmos and self. We are seen, heard and recognized! May we “go with the flow,” of the support offered.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 6:42 pm PDT (Pacific Daylight Time/for reference)– is a cathartic challenge to meet. Money, Death, and deep personal intercommunication  is called for as we are “birthing” a new self, the kind of self that can host a “New Kinder World.”

May we be gentle and tender with “Holy New Beginnings.”

desert leading camel
~New partnerships and collaborations of all kinds await us~