October 13, 2013 – Fresh Air in the Crusty Corners

MOON in community-oriented Aquarius SEXTILE URANUS in Aries–the sign of the eclipse up and coming in a week, invites us to powow in or dreams or on the internet in the middle of the night if we wake up with the little electrical current moving through us around 4:11 am, pdt

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 6:21 am, pdt is a tension moment right around sunrise. This morning has corners to cross. MOON SQUARE MERCURY in the afternoon at 12:57 pm, pdt is another corner, of discomfort or inconvenient truth. Since the MOON is waxing in the light toward a FULL MOON ECLIPSE, there is an eery kali field that is purifying us of all old stuck energies. Its best to keep things moving, open up the windows in the fresh air and let the cold winds blow through old stale thoughts.

Since MERCURY is about to go RETROGRADE (from our perspective on earth,) the MOON MERCURY SQUARE in the middle of today will likely bring up a trickster moment or two, where time plays a trick on us, or we can play a trick on it!

MOON TRINE SUN at 10:46 pm, pdt, (Aquarius to LIbra) is an airy trine that brings fluidity of thinking between masculine and feminine. Our culture has had a lot of old ideas that are crusty embedded in our social fabrics related to masculine and feminine. Its time for some fresh air here too!

The masculine needs some fresh ideas, and the feminine needs wings and dancing feet. Together, may they prefer to fly in the fresh new air, rather than process the old stale past!

May fresh air penetrate more deeply than skin cells and hair follicles–may it seep into thought forms and social constructs, cleansing all the old crusties with new fresh loving air!

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Deep Blessings in an eclipse field!

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