October 4, 2013 – Denk Dark Moon Before Power Awakening New Moon!

Today lives in the denk dark setting of the URANUS SQUARE PLUTO “personal cave of awakening!” Within this denk dark cave of the end, there lies a spark of a NEW MOON, coming in the evening. Before that will happen, PLUTO will be SQUARE the MOON in its darkest moments at 12:22 pm, pdt. It is good to ritualize this powerful time if inward releasing of the old. MOON OPPOSES URANUS at 2:57 pm for a cosmic kick in the ‘cosmic butt’ to jump on our own band wagon, and ride into our own sunset, as we prepare to “let go” and start a whole new cycle of creation with the added power of the eclipses coming!!!

Sitting in a coffee shop in Mt Shasta town, I overhear a conversation about the word “Denk.” I hear this is a new word that is used frequently to mean “cool,” or “awesome!” Denk, in “n. american young people language,” means “great!” . . . “I thought Denk meant dark and moist, like a cave deep underground in the earth,” exclaimed a woman sitting nearby.  The “denker” smiled like, “yeah, isn’t that cool!!” What is it that attracts us to the dark, unknown scary things, and why do we often place dark scarry images on the “dark,” denk places, rather than the sacred “blank slate,” inner quiet place that the dark represents within us.

Its good to keep this old outdated tendency to “doom gloom,” in mind, as we walk into an eclipse zone! Eclipse zones transform us from the deepest recesses of our soul’s, outward. We are in the transition day from the last day of the Harvest Full Moon cycle, waning until the NEW MOON, this evening at 5:34 pm, pdt. We spend the day journeying to a NEW MOON that heralds in the intense November ECLIPSE period. The FULL MOON will be an eclipse in Aries–in both vedic and western systems. Eclipsing 25 degrees of Aries in the western system, SUN will be in early Aries in the vedic system, when it is eclipsed!  We will be called with strong elemental energy: fire, earth, air and water! Spirit will conspire to pressure each of us in unique ways, as if mother nature made a purrrrfect vessel for us to be pressured in all the “right places,” so we grow, flower and ascend, or die. This option is very clear in these times: cleanse, raise frequency, (whatever it takes for you), raise vibration and cleanse in any way possible, or die!

It is good to remember the human tendency to “doom gloom,” as we inch, day by day toward October 31st, Halloween, 2013, and November 1st–the day of the middle URANUS SQUARE PLUTO, of seven squares over four years. During this window of shadow-clearing pressure cooking, ascension eye of the needle space, we can intentionally focus the PLUTO/URANUS energy into “breakthrough,” of outdated systems, release of the old, and holy sacred faith in the goodness that holds us in the sphere of the earth we inhabit and seem to be a moving part of!

May we inhabit the earth with LOVE, through our bodies, with each step! May we let go of all that is not sacred within us. May we invite the catalytic changes that thunder from the divine within and without us! May we receive the tender dark, with grace and ease, even though catalytic change is afoot!!


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