October 3, 2013 – Truth, Love & Freedom Revolution

SUN OPPOSITE URANUS this morning at 7:12 am, is a personal freedom call! Whatever is oppressing us, in any way, even if it is our own mood, our own beliefs or our own limited thinking. Today is a day to “throw it all off.” Planet Uranus, in conspiracy with THE SUN, is requesting our full participation in our own life, in a way that is so refreshing!! We are called to throw off old layers of shtuff in our aura!  Anything oppressive has to go! All lies must be trashed, and bone-digging truth is all that matters today!

MOON SEXTILE VENUS at 11:57 am, offers a peaceful feminine energy amidst the darkest days of the fall harvest lunar cycle!! The cycle is at the very end–as we ride the last bit of energy down to the bottom of this creation adventure of the last month. With this last sweet aspect of the late morning, the MOON enters the VOID between service-oriented Virgo, into partnership-oriented Libra.

MOON enters Libra at 7:59 pm, pdt grounding us from a daytime VOID period from 11:57 am, pdt to 7:59 pm, pdt. In the evening MOON enters the sign of the next NEW MOON, tomorrow evening. Today and tomorrow are the dark of the dark of Dark MOON!!! We can release, let go, and let our whole being have its final outbreath on a whole solar cycle. Let go. Ahhhhhh!

May we release all that is not truth, freedom and deep love of soul. We are here–each of us–to unfold our flowering soul self. Anything in the way must go, here we have two days of final outbreath!! May it be so sweet. May the deep inner work time reflect into shiny outer new worlds as we prepare for the NEW MOON : Friday Oct. 4th at 5:34 pm, pdt.

We are in a potent time this next few months, in the “Human Ascension Chamber!” Handle with deep truth!


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