September 28, 2013 – Seedolating Mars Venus Square Dance

This morning arrives on expansive and sweet pre-dawn energy with MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER in Cancer, and MOON TRINE VENUS at 4:08 am, pdt.

Around sunrise at 6:32 am, pdt VENUS SQUARES MARS Scorpio to Leo. We’re working out the way masculine and feminine work together, especially in the realms of resources and sharing personal space. How do we share in the process of sharing resources for the good of the whole?

How do our personal relationships and small day-to-day partnerships serve a larger purpose? As the MOON wanes down to a rest-invoking peaceful “down time,” as energy steps down, deeper and deeper, toward the dark moon on October 3rd-day before a late afternoon new moon on October 5th–May our germinating, percolating and seedolating time be wombanly and beautiful.

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