September 20, 2013 – Power Shift

MOON SQUARED PLUTO and OPPOSED URANUS this morning in the awakening chamber, pre-dawn.

PLUTO is slowing down this morning to be stationary and change directions from backward to forward! This means our POWER is making a big shift! Since April we’ve been going deep within, clearing out old shadow, and clearing out all that might be in the way from our true right action, right forward motion and right use of will and power. The actual shift is 8:29 am, pdt

VENUS TRINE CHIRON today Scorpio to Pisces is a water to water creative healing, or feminine connection, or connection with money that heals.

The rest of the afternoon is busy with MOON TRINE MARS at 12:18 pm, infusing energy into any situation where we focus it!

VENUS INCONJUNCT URANUS is a moment of creative genius, even in an awkward or unusual situation!

MOON SQUARE JUPITER and OPPOSITE MERCURY at 4:06 pm and 6:25 pm, pdt are big communications aspects. There is BIG ENERGY today! May we manage our words and communications with care amidst this big energy!

SATURN SEXTILE PLUTO at 10:58 pm, pdt offers us a late night practical planning experience. SATURN gives us the structure-making, discipline and boundaries of any business and PLUTo gives the power and money to make it all flow! Together we could restructure a business or small town tonight!

May the power of this day be used to move forward on the creations we believe in the most! May we apply ourselves to what makes our heart sing!


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