September 17, 2013 – Feast of Heaven ~ Water, Abundance & Earth Life

Pre-dawn~MERCURY SEXTILE MARS  may have us activated and alive with the blending of sacred fires in the middle of the night. MERCURY in the justice fire of Libra, blending with the hot passionate creative fire of MARS in Leo, in the creative   night portal of light at 12:17 am, pdt.

MOON enters Pisces this morning from the VOID, at 6:58 am, pdt. (Pacific Daylight Time).  The water in the day is a river of potential abundance, healing, compassion and unconditional love!

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 12:38 pm, pdt offers us an expanded river of life to surf. This river of life is personal and universal. We are in a “flow,” as we make choice, step and walk our path. Each of us may feel, how there are invisible (or not so invisible) “banks” to this path, that guide us, in the middle of our river of life.

MOON TRINE VENUS at 8:15 pm, pdt is a great aspect and evening for a party! There is  enough love, good food and chocolate to go around in the ethers, so it will likely make it in our tummy’s this evening!

MOON TRINE SATURN at 9:33 pm, pdt offers us a personal and professional opportunity to grow. SATURN is a master of growth, and the soil, and stem-cells needed to grow new life. This can be a night of community structure-building, at the level of resources and planning.

MOON SEXTILE PLUTO at 10:04 pm, pdt offers us a dive off the cliff of rational thinking, into the waters of miracle power thinking, if we are ready. How are miracles made? they begin with intent, and faith, openness and an open heart.

In the ancient Egyptian Calendar, September 17th is the “Feast of Heaven,” celebrating the Goddess Hathor, mother of Isis and of human life. She is the Goddess of Cows and milk as a nourishing substance of the Goddess. Yogurt is a food Hathor loves, along with dancing and ritual! May we feast on heaven in these bodies of life today!

May the river of power into this night, carry us to a place of deep peace, as we do the planning needed in this rising MOON LIGHT!!!!!

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