September 13, 2013 – Three Wishes

MOON entered Capricorn in the middle of the night, the sign where PLUTO sits, SQUARING URANUS, the actors of what i call the “awakening pressure cooker,” or the “eye of the needle,” of our human transition.  There is change happening within humanity at this time and when the MOON hits Capricorn, we are in a poignant cyclical part of this awakening change.

With MOON in earthly Capricorn and VENUS in Scorpio, MOON SEXTILES VENUS at 7:29 am, pdt.   At 8:49 am, pdt there is a MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE. These two aspects offer a creative, financial or love link. This link can also be linked with larger sources, like spirit. NEPTUNE speaks of larger flows that flow through us from beyond us. VENUS relates to our personal creative dynamic. This morning has creative grace for us.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 3:40 pm, is a corner of communications tension in the late afternoon. We have details to attend to, words to line up on paper or digital bits to stack and organize. We are masters of creation and our pen is our most powerful mode these days.

MOON SEXTILE SATURN is more grounded alchemy related to creative ways to make a living, find resources, and access what we call “money!”  What does our inner economic system need to feel more secure and abundant?

MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO at 6:04 pm, pdt is a tightening and an expansion. This MOON CONJUNCT PLUTO is a force of movement and change. It is a death/rebirth portal. We can release old and invite new, on a powerful deep level, throughout this period of the URANUS/PLUTO SQUARE (4-5 years of pressure changer)

MOON SQUARE URANUS at 9:55 pm, pdt is a corner of awakening pressure! We are called to ascend!  We are meant to be free of oppression. We are here for a reason. This square may push us into our reason for being here. If we’re not providing a space for our purpose in this world, then we may feel more and more pressured to create this space for the existence of the real soulwork of ourselves and others.

VENUS TRINE NEPTUNE at 11:32 pm, pdt offers us a means of a miracle. At the end of our day, when we are heading for bed, we have three wishes. Tonight whatever we “wish for,” as VENUS TRINES NEPTUNE is apt to manifest through grace.

May we wish upon the VENUS NEPTUNE wings tonight. These wings may carry our prayers as far up high!

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