August 31, 2013 – Unwinding Moon – Choosing the Good Luck Path

MOON in mama Cancer SQUARE URANUS in Revolution-leader-Aries at 4:23 am, pdt, a little before sunrise. We may arise feeling this radical square.

MOON CONJUNCT JUPITER at 8:46 am, pdt offers us a “good luck morning tea time.” JUPITER is almost always the bearer of either good news or big news! Meanwhile, the MOON is waning down into a deeply quiet place of the death and rebirth of cycles and projects.

MOON SEXTILE MERCURY at 10:53 am, pdt is a communications kiss from mother to practical preparative nature within. We have the Virgo Power, with SUN and MERCURY in Virgo, to prepare for our future ahead!

MOON SQUARE VENUS at 5:06 pm, pdt is a tension point between two feminine energies, or a money crunch point. Every corner is a choice-point. Every choice paves our path. This is a choice-point in which we can choose love, beauty and joy over anything less. This is a time to clarify our intentions for the road ahead. We can call forth love, peace and beauty from the depths of our longing loving soul-life.

May we receive the nourishment of a tiny angel’s whisper in our ear. May we follow the “good luck path” offered today as we look toward being prepared for our future ahead.

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