August 30, 2013 – Mother Water to Thirsty Earth

MOON in Cancer brings us into the realm of breast-feeding and the special way that mothers nourish babies. Sometimes we are the mother and sometimes we are the baby, and sometimes, we are both. A BIG GRAND WATER TRINE with MOON in Cancer and NEPTUNE in Pisces is a flow of “water of life,” onto the earthly details of a SUN in Virgo.

SATURN in Scorpio joins the TRINE this evening at 6:53 pm (pacific daylight time) as the personal MOON in mothering cancer offers us a moment of connection, grace, and water to soil infusion of love.

MERCURY SEXTILE JUPITER at 8:10 pm, pdt is a communications aspect of expansion, abundance and new frontiers we can walk to, or fly together with wings we make along with others. Like geese, in a pod we may all fly together with the plans of today.

SUN SEXTILE MOON at 8:34 pm, pdt offers a peaceful connection between male and female. The MOON wanes, energy becomes quieter and more internal, and we can sit in peace together and make clear decisions. Things we don’t need have fallen away in the cycle and the energy winds down to the bare truth. SUN in Virgo asks us to look at all the details while we plan and prepare for winter.

MOON OPPOSITE PLUTO at 10:58 pm, pdt is a tension point between the largest power we have in the planetary magnetosphere, that supports our life on earth!  PLUTO is a point of PURE POWER!  When the MOON OPPOSES PLUTO tonight around 11 pm pacific daylight time, we will have a view and a thrust of our own power, reflected back to us. This can be a moment of empowerment. A time for consolidating and clarifying resources, or to confront a truth underlying a conversation. This is a night for digging and resourcing!

May our authentic soulwater, feed and nourish our life. May we give up all poisoned waters for clean ones.  May we use our power wisely. May we allow no one to take more than we wish to give. May we give our soul’s purpose to the world.


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