August 29, 2013 – In the MOON VOID, a Wounded Healer Says: Restructure for Creative Intelligence

MOON (still in Gemini) is in the VOID all day, having gone void, with the last aspect of yesterday: a MOON TRINE VENUS of love.

MERCURY OPPOSITE CHIRON is the primary aspect du jour. Our minds come to a potentially polarized tension point revealing a spot that needs healing. We all need healing, being creatures of the earth plane, nomatter who we are. As this opposition builds, from Leo to Aquarius throughout the day, the issue of our personal creative needs, versus the needs of a larger community or larger collective may come to a deep healing cathartic “head.” If there is an infection–personally or socially–it is good to get “all the shadow puss out,” so everyone’s painbodies can be swept onto the social-sidewalk, for all to see, then swept out the door. We don’t want to dwell on our wounds or anyone else’s! And seeing our deepest “trigger-spots,” is helpful for our own growth. The exact MERCURY CHIRON OPPOSITION takes place at 4:12 pm, pdt.

MERCURY INCONJUNCT URANUS (exact today at 6:00 pm, pacific daylight time) is a communications mistake or an awkward need to tell the truth, amidst untruth. We may feel a need to make humor where there is no humor. All of these risk-taking endeavors are up for our mouth and glove today! communications are in the trickster’s aura, and we may want to watch our tongue and find humor within. We are dared to giggle all day long, rather than “take anything personally.” Can we see the world through the eyes of loving humor?

SUN SEXTILE SATURN at 10:18 pm, pdt offers us a sunny work man’s compensation. SATURN in Scorpio is structuring our resources. We will be limited from the old economy as it is dying. We must forge new economic structures and be flexible about servicing the needs of a changing culture. Invention is the mother of survival. If we can invent our newest personal economic structure to serve as a puzzle-piece model for the whole new economy that is emerging, then we will thrive financially in the coming times.

Thriving in the coming times is what SATURN, our steady physical form boundary-maker wants for us. If we are limited from old ways, it is because those old ways are not good for our future. We may need a new structure, or a new plan. If the old way isn’t working, its a moment to consider a new way, hitting the “reset button,” is always an option. SATURN loves to hit reset. Death and Rebirth is a healthy mode of being in alignment with the living universe, at its core. Saturn is our guide to being physical. What does it say today, as the SUN lights a path of insight and awareness, this night.

May we stretch our awareness into the ongoing structuring of our physical world, our recreated economic system, and the healing of our personal and collective soul!

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