August 28, 2013 – If we let grace in, what will it do?

SUN in Virgo SQUARE MOON in Gemini this morning as we awake! We’re at the last quarter point in Leo to Virgo end of summer lunar cycle! We now step down to the waning DARK week of the 4 week cycle. We’ve exerted the biggest brightest energy, in the previous two weeks, now we go down to the unwinding rest phase.

MERCURY TRINE PLUTO at 7:52 am, pdt offers us a point of power. Whatever we speak, think and imagine, so we put forth, like creators with wands. Our mouths and minds are our wands of creation.  Its important to be conscious of our words and even use the power of our words this morning to destroy and create, destroy cobwebs, create beauty.

MOON SQUARE MERCURY at 10:48 am, pdt is a communications tension point. Our home-space needs clearing and the completion of projects as we unwind this cycle in the last seven days.

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 3:49 pm, pdt is a touch of magic from the invisible world. Prayers may be answered, the wind may whisper, and guidance may light up in some way we didn’t expect it. Can we allow ourselves to be touched by the divine? This afternoon we may be blessed, gifted or kissed by divinity. How deeply can we let this grace in?

MOON TRINE VENUS at 9:44 pm, pdt Gemini to Libra is a song of romance and devotion. This Wednesday night can be a hump-day of Love!

May love bubble in from all directions. May it be made so clear to each of us, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that LOVE is the answer to every question. Love is the key to our ascension and the solution to every relationship dilemma. What would Love do?

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