August 27, 2013 – End of Season Change!

The last few days have had a lot of energetic movement, purification, and letting go of the old hop-scotch squares to jump to new ones! Today, more change is in the air!

MERCURY SEXTILE SATURN pre-dawn offers us a peaceful communications and organization aspect. If it has been too chaotic and hectic to be clear, clean and organized, this morning may offer us a moment of peaceful organizational time.

VENUS SQUARE JUPITER at 2:53 pm, pdt offers a point of tension between our art, love feminine beauty part and a stretch into more abundance and an upgrade! With squares we build. With tension we create an elevator if we choose.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 3:58 pm, pdt is a kiss between the soft nurturing mother and the gruff action-based mars!  We can serve our mission with a combination of action and compassion this afternoon.

MOON shifts from earthly Taurus to breath-filled Gemini at 4:08 pm, pdt. As the MOON wanes, it unwinds from the end of summer cycle, down into a fall NEW MOON, coming on September 5th. This evening and next day or two is a good time to complete communications related to this cycle, as it is closing.

MARS shifts from Cancer to Leo at 7:05 pm, bringing our masculine action planet from a place related to home and mothering, nurturing and food, to a place of our inner child, inner artist and passionate creative expressionist!  May we allow our inner-young-boy to have some fun in the next month or two!

MOON SQUARE NEPTUNE at 11:57 pm, pdt is a strange confusing aspect that is based in changes. Change is uncomfortable, and yet is always good, as it moves us forward in the whole cycle of change. Even if we have a moment in the “unknown,” or a moment of discomfort, as we keep walking forward, we walk through discomfort and confusion, into another phase.

Our personal needs and the needs of the larger collective around us are not always the same, and with silent prayer we can find our way through the collective confusion to personal clarity!

May clarity and joyful action be with us today!

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