August 20, 2013 – Happy Big Leo Full Moon!!

Today is a celebration of inner children, and a whole community of misfit toys! We are song and dance magicians on “tent revival earth!” MOON OPPOSES MERCURY at 11:17 am, pdt bringing our inner mind to a peak of transformative cathartic power!  This FULL MOON is a communication station!

The FULL MOON of this summer, the last big peak of summer, is at 6:45 pm, pdt, at which point, we go off into a mysterious FULL MOON VOID, for three hours, until 9:45 pm, when MOON enters soft, sensitive Pisces for swimming emotional cleansing through laughter, tears and deep multi-life-time bonds.

Unconditional Love is asking to come through as soon as the MOON enters Pisces each month. This MOON entrance of Pisces, this evening, follows a FULL MOON in Aquarius that invites us to flower in community and in communion.

May we dance with showers and flowers, cleansing tears and rain, fire burning bright within, lighting our eyes on fire. We are made of water and fire and with water and fire we purify. May we rain and light candles all over each other, transforming each other’s pain into medicine and fear into love. May this FULL MOON bath tonight shower us in healing waters. May we thrive on the inner wellsprings that we are.




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