August 19, 2013 – Almost Full Moon Roar!

We are dancing our way up to a FULL MOON in Aquarius tomorrow evening at 6:45 pm, so today, MOON in Aquarius, while SUN is in late Leo, has this FULL MOON FLOWER building within us today, as it has been weaving and building in us for months and years!!

MOON TRINE VENUS and SQUARE SATURN as we came into the morning gave us an interesting morning crossing energy. There is deep magical love, and there are limitations we must overcome and boundaries we must set. SATURN teaches us this morning at 7:10 am, acupuncture point, that we are the chief’s of our own boundaries. If our needs are not being met, its time for a boundary change so we can create the containment for whatever focus we need at this time to meet our creativity needs. What do we need to do, to achieve our life’s purpose here on earth at this time? Its a good time to asses where boundaries need to be placed to contain a practice for success in our creative life!

MOON SEXTILE URANUS at 4:36 pm offers us a comforting twist of light-hearted magic! Every one of us has a magic wand within. Where our fingers are extensions of our heart, they are magic wands, doing the bidding of our heart and soul, is a key word at a time!

VENUS INCONJUNCT NEPTUNE is a discomfort and a river of love that has banks or walls over-containing it, causing a “flood,” of one kind or another, so there may be a feeling of needing to break through these damns on love, into a big river of flowing love, uncontained by any one person, overflowing through us all!!! Our current life situations may be asking us to allow LOVE to break through many of our perceptual limitations that separate us from other people. Love is irrational. Love has solutions and openings for each member of creation. As one door closes, another opens. As we exit a sphere, we enter another sphere. Frequency shift, even upgrades, can feel awkward, or uncomfortable–but even cleanses are worth the pain of release!

VENUS and NEPTUNE offer a release, and “let go,” related to love, and a “jumping into the big river,” that we know we must jump into!

As we function with love instead of fear, openings occur that make space for each member of creation to be in right relationship with the whole, ascending, spiraling up in time and frequency, each moment. May our spiralling up lead us into the light of our soul’s white fire in the heart, lighting up our eyes, and our words with our love, not our fear.


NOTE from author: I apologize for my inconsistency lately with this blog! I’ve had limited internet service from where i am, near Mt Shasta. May this FULL MOON coming be a flowering of the heart and soul!

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