August 15, 2013 – Fire of Life!

Today we rise with a fire Moon in Sagittarius. This MOON SQUARED NEPTUNE last night in the middle of the night for water emotion to fire passion tension.

Fire MOON TRINE fire URANUS at 2:48 pm makes a dynamic light within of clearing, changing, transforming energy! The FIRE OF LIFE is within us today!
This evening, at 6 pm, MOON TRINES MERCURY making another FIRE TRINE! All together we have a GRAND FIRE TRINE today! Sag MOON TRINE Leo MERCURY offers communications magic!
Are there inspired connections we’ve wanted to make? Is there a pouring out of written creativity to catch?
Today is a day of inspiration and power to change things with our written and spoken word!
May we invoke our divine creative bliss through talking and writing today!

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