August 14, 2013 – Healing Right Livelihood!

MOON in Scorpio TRINE MARS in Cancer, pre-dawn, revealing that we may act from a deep emotional feeling place today and for the time MARS is in Mama-Feeling-Cancer, through August 29th.

FIRST QUARTER in the lunar cycle of monthly creation, means we are just “building momentum,” in our projects this month. We still have another week to go, before FULL MOON, peak fruition time. This is a time to ride the energy that is rising, lifting us up into our right livelihood. SUN in Leo SQUARE MOON in Scorpio (making the first quarter point) may usher us out of false-identities and into our soulful self that is fully resources by and expressive of our divinity and soulfulness.

If we are too focused on our “False Identity,” we may feel strange things in this window. A “false identity,” is the self we mentally think we are, and perhaps may even tell or project to others and/or the world, however this “identity,” may not be in total alignment with our authentic Self, that has a life’s purpose and a soul’s blueprint. If we are too far away, there can be painful reverberations, of that identity, “bouncing back,” in ways that cause friction, discomfort, or relationship drama. Now, more than ever we need to let go of these “false identities,” that do not line up with our authentic soul. It will become more and more uncomfortable to be a false identity.

MOON SEXTILE VENUS water to earth and our feminine embodiment is wired to nourish us today with whatever we need for our health and wholeness. VENUS in Virgo would like to clean up and create a rythm that will carry us through the next winter, in good health.

MOON enters the VOID for a few hours today between 2:30 pm (the exact time of the MOON SEXTILE VENUS, the last aspect from MOON in Scorpio)–until 6:04 pm, pdt.

At 6:04 pm, pdt MOON enters fiery optimistic Sagittarius, and we’re inspired to aim our arrows at our own personal “galactic center,” of our soul. This fire MOON can lift us over any barrier, especially if we call upon the invisible spiritual forces of our universe.

MERCURY TRINE URANUS at 7:10 this evening offers us a communications download of miracle proportion. We may have an idea for a new invention, social plan, or genius thought that “upgrades,” some area of our life!

MERCURY INCONJUNCT CHIRON at 8:56 pm, pdt is a potentially awkward moment as we may get in touch with a part of self that is wounded, needing our attention. Healing is fast when we give our attention to the place of pressure within.

May we touch ourselves deeply enough to be honest with ourselves about where we are in a “false identity,” and may we go about listening to our own soul and blueprint, to the best of our ability, so this rising energy can lift us into our right livelihood expression!


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