August 7, 2013 – Power Portal in the Void

MOON is in the VOID between Leo and Virgo. In the lunar VOID all day, it feels like we’re between worlds. We seem to be in some transition zone between an inner child longing unfolding and the changing details of the every-day manifestation.

JUPITER OPPOSITE PLUTO at 4:34 pm is a power expansion. We are each learning how to manage and balance power. JUPITER will gift us with opportunities to expand and we’ll discern and collaborate with outcomes according to our “blueprint.” If our “soul’s blueprint,” for our life’s work and soul destiny is covered over by “imprints” from bad conditioning, we may feel “slightly off track.” If we feel off-track–this bit of time is a good time to “jump tracks,” back, or forward to where you are meant to be, according to your own soul.

May we use our own power wisely. May we learn to share resources with others in ways that serve the whole. May we build eco-villages for a sustainable world.

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