August 2, 2013 – Psychic Waters – Male to Female Reorientation

MOON has been in the VOID between Gemini and Cancer for two days–yesterday, and today. Our planetary mother is stirring with messages that are from “between the worlds.” If we relax completely we might hear them.

In the waning moon cycle, the energy drops down, gets lower and becomes deep and peaceful if we allow it to. We are purged and brought to our “knees,” where we “need” to be, by the perspective of the universe. “Towers” may fall, bad ideas are washed away and we are called to slow down and go within. Any “to-do’s” that we are holding onto from the past may call out to us with “last minute” plea’s for completion by the end of the cycle. Meanwhile the moon and our energy and feeling within, winds down down down to the dark dark dark unknown depths of wisdom that hold the whole world like a mother. On this journey down each month, each one of us has a way that we experience “lower energy.” Some people can get depressed, others get tired. Some people feel the inward pull toward peaceful meditation, and others may barely notice anything, and yet there is a gentle quiet that may wash over all of life as we step down.

VENUS SEXTILE MARS at 1:35 pm, pdt is a strong and sexy bond between Masculine and Feminine on an archetypal level. There is healing and blessing in this link between male and female. There has been “war between the sexes,” in the past, so this star-like link brings light and new perspective into the partnership between alpha and omega, dark and light, active and passive principles.

With SATURN in Scorpio and MERCURY crossing the last few degrees over which it RETROGRADED, both in water, along with NEPTUNE in Pisces, we are being “birthed” from one state to another all year long. These last few degrees of MERCURY in Cancer, are deeply alchemical in revealing emotional healing, shifts related to mother and child in our archetypal field, and the earth-human mothering and water connection. The waters of the earth are the “mother” of humanity. Humanity is being asked by its “mother,” to grow, change and evolve. What are the waters telling us?  Where is more water needed? Where is there too much water? How can we find balance in and with the waters of the earth, our mother, our nourisher of life?

May we honor the roll of sacred water in our lives. May we see ourselves in a water-moved birth canal and do our part to “spiral out” of the birth canal.

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