July 31, 2013 – Manifesting Through Thought

Yesterday–during the VOID, VENUS TRINED PLUTO, gifting us with a “pre-meditation period,” on creation. Whatever our secret desires were, . . . we placed them “into the void yesterday,” and today the MOON lands in airwaves Gemini at 8:42 am, pdt offering us an opportunity to give and receive the messages of this creative void.

We are each on a journey of our own and after travelling yesterday’s creative VOID, we arose with jewels and “signs” for our future–if we were paying attention!  Today we can implement the next steps on those magic downloads!

The river is big today, as MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 6:04 pm, pdt. Oh my–this is big water! We may feel overwhelmed, confused, tired or busy. Nomatter what–its good to remember  the Leo SUNLIT inner child within! With a positive attitude and a handful of authentic joy, we can accomplish any miracle, overcome any obstacle and see through any confusion! We are the light, from our heart, we have light with which to see through any fog!

MARS SQUARE URANUS at 8:08 pm, pdt could be a pleasant or unpleasant shock. There could be paradox involved! Every loss is a freedom call! Every break is a break-through! This is an aspect with which to free ourselves from all unecessary burdens and always look for the humor, and the break-through to higher frequency, from the denser past.

May this wild night of shocking truth be a force for awakening and ascension. May we feed and nourish our neutrality, balance, center and core during chaotic times! May the source be with YOU!

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July 30, 2013 – Creative VOID with Personal Power Infusion

Today is another day of pure magic! We’re on a roll of magical days! The flower of life in the sky is still there! Today VENUS TRINES PLUTO in the flower, giving us an infusion of personal power and creative thrust!

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY, still unwinding from the RETROGRADE 3 weeks, still transitting the degrees over which it retrograded, for a full transformative rearranging process.  This aspect, at 8:58 am, pdt is the last aspect before sending the MOON into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini

. Everything we need to be and do can be accomplished with good communication skills. Today is a day where communications shine us out into our creative destinies! May we enjoy ourselves and the fabric of life today–empowering us to shine and be shined!

July 29, 2013 – Village and Wildlife Within

Just like a planet has villages and forests, we too have wildlife and territory, within us. Our inner village is where we go to the “market,” and “do business,” in our lives. taking care of insurance, paperwork and all the practical things we need to live in the “matrix” part of our world. Meanwhile, our wildlife within, our non-domesticated territory, is where we meet animal guides, track our dreams, make love, and experience miracles. Both village and wildlife are important!

During this last quarter phase of July summer lunar cycle, we are facing the differences within us. We need the places that adhere to rules and know how to “stay within the lines,” especially while driving down a highway. Meanwhile, there are plenty of places where we need to break through our own boundaries, tear open the misplaced veils and return to the forest, “so to speak.” Our forest within is filled with ancient magical cultures from our history and future, ready to invite us onto the back of a magical creature and carry us into our soul.  Can we honor both our inner village and our inner wildness?  Which one needs more attention?

MOON SEXTILES NEPTUNE and OPPOSES SATURN between 6:41 am, pdt and 7:41 am, pdt. We have gifts and challenges. Directives and Unknowns. Places where we need to be firm and places where we need to flow. Knowing where to place firmness and where to place flow is an act of creatorship.

MOON SQUARE SUN at 10:43 am, pdt is a mother-father moment of balancing, re-arranging and earth-business. We have parental and structural work to do in our world and this “Merkaba Monday Morning,” is a time of balancing opposites and working with many different forces toward one goal.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 12:12 pm, pdt around lunchtime, may rip open the fabric of our “everyday life,” to infuse it with a nonsensical wonderment. Life is magical and no matter how many boring logistics we place on it, it continuously expands into wonder and joy if we allow this.

MOON TRINE VENUS at 2:48 pm, pdt this afternoon is a beauty moment. Art, beauty and love are empowered this afternoon, so why not ride the love unicorn to our inner sanctuary and have some fun within?

MOON TRINE PLUTO at 4:17 pm, pdt offers us a personal to deep soul connection. As creators in a new world, rather than slaves in an old world, we may experience an increase in our ability to step into life with intention and have it unfold before us. We have the power to believe our world into existence. If we believe in a world of balance, sustainability, mutual service and flowering humanity into its gifts and glory, then we can unfold this existence, more and more through simple clear intention. Intention is the rudder of our power of manifestation in the world.

MOON SEXTILE MARS at 7:09 pm, pdt offers us a personal spike of action energy. This is a Monday to ignite our action jedi. We can get a lot done in a short time with a grounded Taurus MOON and a passionate fiery Leo SUN, working together to balance the changes in our world!

May we both ground and flourish. May we take care of the details while surfing with the falcons, high above the mundane rivers, may we see the magnificence of our wild places within.


July 28, 2013 – Solar Disk Sunday in the Alchemical Void

SUN is in Leo in the western seasonal zodiac, leading us day by day into the core of our HEART!

MOON is in the VOID between Aries and Taurus–all day!  There is real alchemical magic in the ethers today. More than the “air,” the ethers contain memory and threads and weavings that are woven through time come to a place in the weaving where all kinds of magical doorways open in our consciousness.. This kind of opening is available to us today.

VENUS SEXTILE JUPITER at 6:42 am, pdt is a sunrise kiss of love, expansion, abundance and bliss, or whatever we’d like to do with VENUS, the love-feminine-dancer, with JUPITER, the uplifter of all things and all beings. Love is the key to ascension.

May we love the people, places and trees that we love, so much that we ascend the frequency of the earth before our eyes today!

July 27, 2013 – Flower of Life

This time is so sacred i hardly know how to write about it! Flower of Life, living energy upgrade, ascension, love from the cosmos, beings from all over the galaxies here to bless us and uplift us in any way they know how to do!!! We are blessed today with a Flower of Life energy in the sky.

The MOON is in Aries today, joining URANUS at 12:56 pm, pdt blasting us into a transformative miracle-consciousness space, if we are open to it.

The Flower of Life in the sky does have some tension in it! There is a MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO at 3:51 pm, pdt which is a powerful force of death and rebirth, especially in the masculine, in our “to do” list, and in how we manifest abundance in our lives. Change is happening!

Surrounding this MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO is a six pointed star in the sky. The different aspects to the star have been tipping off all through July. Now we come to the most concentrated part of the six pointed star, which reminds us of the Merkaba Light Vehicle!

SUN SQUARE SATURN at 6:05 pm, pdt is a disciplined and solar structure-builder.  We are the builders and the candle-stick makers. We build the structure and bring the light to fill it!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY (just recently DIRECT), at 7:19 pm, pdt sending hte MOON into the VOID for all of tomorrow! MOON will be VOID until 9:43 pm, pdt tomorrow (Sunday) night, as it moves into Taurus.

May we take the opportunity of this powerful portal of love from our universe, to change, intend, envision, and manifest our true essence in the world!