July 31, 2013 – Manifesting Through Thought

Yesterday–during the VOID, VENUS TRINED PLUTO, gifting us with a “pre-meditation period,” on creation. Whatever our secret desires were, . . . we placed them “into the void yesterday,” and today the MOON lands in airwaves Gemini at 8:42 am, pdt offering us an opportunity to give and receive the messages of this creative void.

We are each on a journey of our own and after travelling yesterday’s creative VOID, we arose with jewels and “signs” for our future–if we were paying attention!  Today we can implement the next steps on those magic downloads!

The river is big today, as MOON SQUARES NEPTUNE at 6:04 pm, pdt. Oh my–this is big water! We may feel overwhelmed, confused, tired or busy. Nomatter what–its good to remember  the Leo SUNLIT inner child within! With a positive attitude and a handful of authentic joy, we can accomplish any miracle, overcome any obstacle and see through any confusion! We are the light, from our heart, we have light with which to see through any fog!

MARS SQUARE URANUS at 8:08 pm, pdt could be a pleasant or unpleasant shock. There could be paradox involved! Every loss is a freedom call! Every break is a break-through! This is an aspect with which to free ourselves from all unecessary burdens and always look for the humor, and the break-through to higher frequency, from the denser past.

May this wild night of shocking truth be a force for awakening and ascension. May we feed and nourish our neutrality, balance, center and core during chaotic times! May the source be with YOU!

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