July 30, 2013 – Creative VOID with Personal Power Infusion

Today is another day of pure magic! We’re on a roll of magical days! The flower of life in the sky is still there! Today VENUS TRINES PLUTO in the flower, giving us an infusion of personal power and creative thrust!

MOON SEXTILES MERCURY, still unwinding from the RETROGRADE 3 weeks, still transitting the degrees over which it retrograded, for a full transformative rearranging process.  This aspect, at 8:58 am, pdt is the last aspect before sending the MOON into the VOID between Taurus and Gemini

. Everything we need to be and do can be accomplished with good communication skills. Today is a day where communications shine us out into our creative destinies! May we enjoy ourselves and the fabric of life today–empowering us to shine and be shined!

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