July 27, 2013 – Flower of Life

This time is so sacred i hardly know how to write about it! Flower of Life, living energy upgrade, ascension, love from the cosmos, beings from all over the galaxies here to bless us and uplift us in any way they know how to do!!! We are blessed today with a Flower of Life energy in the sky.

The MOON is in Aries today, joining URANUS at 12:56 pm, pdt blasting us into a transformative miracle-consciousness space, if we are open to it.

The Flower of Life in the sky does have some tension in it! There is a MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO at 3:51 pm, pdt which is a powerful force of death and rebirth, especially in the masculine, in our “to do” list, and in how we manifest abundance in our lives. Change is happening!

Surrounding this MARS OPPOSITE PLUTO is a six pointed star in the sky. The different aspects to the star have been tipping off all through July. Now we come to the most concentrated part of the six pointed star, which reminds us of the Merkaba Light Vehicle!

SUN SQUARE SATURN at 6:05 pm, pdt is a disciplined and solar structure-builder.  We are the builders and the candle-stick makers. We build the structure and bring the light to fill it!

MOON SQUARE MERCURY (just recently DIRECT), at 7:19 pm, pdt sending hte MOON into the VOID for all of tomorrow! MOON will be VOID until 9:43 pm, pdt tomorrow (Sunday) night, as it moves into Taurus.

May we take the opportunity of this powerful portal of love from our universe, to change, intend, envision, and manifest our true essence in the world!

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