July 26, 2013 – Happy Mayan Calendrical NEW YEARS DAY!

We enter this “new year,” from one calendrical perspective, with a VENUS OPPOSITE NEPTUNE at 5:08 am, pdt (dawn) This powerful aspect of divine to sacred and personal human love, is a kiss from divinity, if we can receive it. The opposition can have a charged quality that appears to polarize “two sides,” or “two opposing forces,” and this oppositional quality is of the past. We are moving to a place of grace, balance, divine wholeness, abundance, truth, impeccability, honesty and collaboration!! (many many people are feeling this ascension).

VENUS SEXTILE SATURN at 11:36 am, pdt is a kiss of new love. We can open up new channels today for LOVE to FLOW THROUGH OUR MERIDIANS!! This is an exciting time of charged and increasing light in form. Our ascension is here and these aspects, walk us step by step , up the ladder of divine frequency ascension in consciousness. This aspect is a powerful “portal-maker,” in the window of a “New Year” of one kind.

MOON enters Aries at 2:29 pm, pdt, (Pacific Daylight Time), grounding us from the VOID MOON period. This fire moon entry ignites our “beginner mind,” into action!  We can and should “follow our inner child heart” today!

SUN TRINE MOON at 10:13 pm, pdt is a sacred dance of love between SUN and MOON, mother and father, man and woman. We are a dance of love today, nomatter what gender or financial status.

May we en-joy this ascension process at every step of the way for its unfolding syncronistic journey of changing ourselves from an old way of being, to a new way of being. This human transfiguration in frequency in consciousness is happening at a rapid speed!  May we enjoy the ride!


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