July 24, 2013 – Water, Earth, Water, Water

MOON enters Pisces at 11:22 am, pdt after being in the VOID for all day yesterday. We “ground” from yesterday’s VOID in a watery place of emotional spirit. MOON OPPOSES VENUS at 4:12 pm, pdt for a big discussion amidst women, or related to love.

MOON CONJUNCT NEPTUNE at 7:19 pm, pdt is a big splash from a tiny stream into a big ocean, or visa versa. This MOON in Pisces, joins the GRAND TRINE in WATER. Water energy flows into our lives in emotional content and memories, touch, music and cleansing baths.

MOON TRINE SATURN (in Scorpio) at 7:44 pm, in the Grand Trine, offers us a cup of stability and function. Enjoy this drink of physical pleasure.

MOON TRINE JUPITER at 10:11 pm, pdt is an expansive, fun aspect within which to laugh and sing, play like a flute at the wind of god’s mouth.

May we feel like divine music today and dance with all of life!



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