July 20th, 2013 – Humorous chaos! The Day MERCURY STATIONS to Go DIrect!

MOON TRINE VENUS at 7:59 am, pdt is the last fire aspect before sending the MOON into the VOID. In the VOID, the energies of creation are in a kind of dissolution, reformation mode, like in between songs, or the pause between words. It is the silent place of pause, out of which worlds are born. This early morning pause brings a sweetness and divine feminine presence. There is a pause this morning, between 7:59 am, pdt and 11:39 am, pdt when the MOON moves into Capricorn–grounding time-sensitive earth.

In the midst of this VOID, MERCURY STATIONS, to go DIRECT, at 11:22 am, pdt, after three weeks of appearing to go retrograde in our cycles of life. This retrograde cycle rewired us and possibly even re-intentioned us. Our focus: life itself: possibly in some new way, in our lives. MERCURY in Cancer, teaches us about home, food and mothering. It reminds us that sometimes mothering is more important than anything else that may call for attention. The mother commands the evolutionary process of her children, and she is alive in this July time-frame. Mama is working through us and around us this month. While MERCURY STATIONS in Cancer, in its direction-change, we may notice the chaos of this change-moment. Humor is always a good recipe for MERCURY RETROGRADE foibles!

MARS TRINE NEPTUNE and SATURN at 12:42 pm, pdt and 2:34 pm, pdt is revealing the sacred geometry of July! This is part of that big giant sacred portal unfolding through the geometry of these energy connections. MARS TRINE NEPTUNE is a link between our passion, masculine action-based self, with the “river of life.”  In its most simple this “river,” is . . . “Where is your water from?”  Is the water you drink harming you or healing you?  Is the water you drink alive or dead?  It is time to honor the most sacred elements of life, food, soil, water and love.

MOON SEXTILE NEPTUNE at 7:25 pm, pdt then MOON SEXTILE SATURN at 7:31 pm, offer us energies of fluidity and stability!  We receive both rythm and melody. We can make music together!

MOON OPPOSITE MARS at 7:45 pm, pdt offers us an evening of activity! This is a beautiful night for dancing!

MOON OPPOSITE JUPITER at 8:37 pm, pdt expands us into stretching for new forms of abundance. I once thought my core was built in my gut, and then one day someone said, “your core is really found in your ass!” This gave me a whole new perspective on how to strengthen my core. These are the kinds of shifting understandings we may have today . . . . we may focus slightly differently to build a strong core at this time.

May our progress be rooted in our daily acts of kindness and small achievements. May we weave the new world-web-of-life from the old broken threads that hang from tattered country-to-country psychology!

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