July 14, 2013 – Awakening Cauldron of Work

MOON in Libra since a little after midnight, enters the transformation cauldron of URANUS SQUARE PLUTO later this evening after SQUARING MARS and JUPITER early morning today.

Action, Transformation, Expansion, Action, Transformation, Expansion, like one, two, three. Today is a day of action. We have challenges, corners and there may be disagreements, revealing “our work ahead.”

MOON SQUARE PLUTO at 7:12 pm, pdt is an evening tension point. Its good to know the time, because awareness brings conscious application of rowdy energy.

MOON OPPOSITE URANUS at 11:53 pm, pdt is the Uranian part of the awakeneing cauldron. This is break-through energy. It is volatile and alive–filled with explosive potential. THe explosions are not necessarily violent, however they are always geared toward freedom from old limitations.

May we burst through old limitations with grace, style and ingenuity. May the intelligence of love overcome the ignorance of fear.

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