July 11, 2013 – Fiery Air to Earthy Water

MOON in Leo SEXTILE MARS in Gemini ignites the morning with fire and communications fierceness. This aspect at 12:54 pm, pdt (pacific daylight time) sends the MOON into the VOID for a few hours between Leo and Virgo.

MOON enters grounded earthly Virgo at 3:12 pm, pdt. At this time our feet hit the logistical earth-given ground and we can take steps forward on all of our good service work in the world.

MOON SEXTILE JUPITER at 10:20 pm, pdt is a grounding aspect with an earth MOON kissing abundant JUPITER in mother-creator Cancer. We have all the resources we need to create whatever we imagine we would like to create. We simply need to draw them, call them, and communicate them into the right places.

May we listen to our fiery passion and root it into the foundational earth, building bridges, trenches and gardens for the new world emerging.

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