July 10, 2013 – Sweet Venus to Crescent Moon Magic

MOON, in Leo now is in fixed fire, radiating our inner child-like joy and bliss out our eyes, heart and hands! This fiery MOON is TRINE fiery URANUS in Aries, (one of the corner planets on our 5 year period of radical pressure-cooker transformation), pre-dawn today. The day is initiated by this bright invisible-world-to-3-d-hand magic.

MOON CONJUNCT VENUS at 11:18 am, pdt is the tender sweetness aspect of the day. This aspect touches is in the places we want to be touched. We either long, dream or experience love, as deeply as we can create it with our little point of reference in consciousness here. Our hearts are multi-dimensional instruments of magic, memory, creation and recreation. They have wisdom far beyond the mind, and they interface with dimensions and memories the limited mind cannot understand. That is why “follow your heart,” is so important, because it really does take us on another map, that only our heart is “attuned” to.

Our mind, our limo-driver for this life, is busily looking at road-maps, trying to understand where it is going, but the heart has a map that is invisible, that unfolds in the right timing, and the right places, with the right people, to unlock, unfold and ignite our reason for being here.

We are past the time when each one of us has been called to “step in,” to what is happening on earth that we are all a part of. There is a larger movement of collaborative transformation. We have arrived.

May our actions, words, thoughts and collaborations be of the divinity that lives deep within the flame in our heart. May we pay more attention to the “invisible map of the heart,” than to the mind’s constant figurings. Cheers to the embrightening of your heart’s map.

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