July 9, 2013 – July’s Multi-Dimensional Healing Portal has begun

At the end of the day yesterday, there was a tiny awkward feminine healing moment, at the very end of our MOON in Cancer journey through this SUMMER POWER NEW MOON threshold.

As we arise this morning, MOON is in Leo, accenting the coming sacred geometric “portal” of the whole month of July.   This is a month to remember all of our flower-of-life teachings, and all teachings on the double triangle meditations, merging the earthly and spiritual and masculine and feminine, in balance so we activate our ascension vehicle in consciousness.  As we lead into a super sacred geometry display in the sky of a star tetrahedron on July 28th, 2013, each day seems to accent another point in the magical sacred geometric flowering of July 2013. This star tetrahedron is a worm hole of manifestation and transfiguration. With love, we can ascend to very high places in consciousness. This is a time to intend to embody divine attributes we have aspired to. These clear intentions in this sacred geometry unfolding have the magical power of raising our vibration to higher angelic frequencies, which are increasingly needed to balance the earth’s biosphere. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and this is our time.

SUN CONJUNCT MERCURY (RETROGRADE) in Cancer: at 11:41 am, pdt (Pacific Daylight Time), brings a magnification of our ascension and manifestation potential through our thoughts, words and collaborations with others. There is so much LIGHT to work with, we can create anything with this light, using our clear intention and mind like a creative visionary tool.

MOON SQUARE SATURN at 1:26 pm, pdt is a parental moment of change. There are parents and there are children and they are not always distinguished by age or gender, however there is fathering needed on earth and today calls for the father within to temper the children who are in their “terrible two’s phase of consciousness,” and causing too much destruction, needing to be tempered. This aspect is a tempering aspect.

May we reach deep into our multi-dimensional tool-kit today and all month.  May we put up our “satellite dishes,” to our divinity to receive divine tv signals to our consciousness, ascending earth to heaven and descending heaven to earth, in frequency.

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